Leader Of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok: Ukraine Must Be Only a Banderist State!

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

The latest “March of glory of UPA” on January 1st, 2018, went unnoticed by the Western media, even though the procession was attended by thousands of neo-Nazis, demanding the murder of “Kikes”, “Moskals”, Poles, and Communists. The 109th birthday of the murderer Stepan Bandera is celebrated in Ukraine as a national holiday, and those who disagree with this and refuse to fight are beaten up and even killed. A torchlight march was held under the slogan “For the glory of heroes, for the future children!”. The route of the column of neo-Nazis in Kiev was protected by the local police to ensure safety on the road. Dog handlers were also involved. The procession began at about 18.30. By 19:25 the column arrived at the so-called “Independence” Square, where the event ended after ten minutes.

When the marchers reached the central street of Kiev – the Khreschatyk, the young Nazis began to burn firecrackers, ignite smoke bombs, and chant slogans: “The idiotic authorities destroy patriots”, “Avakov is a dog, hang him on the tree branches”, and “Who does Ukraine belong to? To Ukrainians”. These slogans clearly indicate that the Ukrainian nationalists would like to expel all Russians, Poles, and Hungarians – i.e., persons not willing to become a so-called Ukrainian – from the territories that they now control.

It is noteworthy that the Kiev authorities demonstratively support the neo-Nazis. From the budget the facade of the city hall was decorated with portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych. However, the faces of the leaders did not stop the marchers from being aggressive: the neo-Nazis pelted the city hall building with firecrackers. In addition, near the city hall people lit flares, brandished torches, and demanded to “hang the dog Avakov on the branches”. Other popular slogans of neo-Nazis: “Moscow, burn in the fire!” and “Heroes kill all enemies!”. Passers-by filmed the march from the sidewalks.

In Lvov, several thousands of people took part in a torchlight procession on the day of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which cooperated with the intelligence services of Hitler’s Germany.

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It is interesting to note that this year, besides the traditional anti-Russian slogans, there were also attacks aimed at Poland, which, as is known, criticises the glorification of OUN-UPA in Ukraine.

Participants of the procession chanted “Ukraine above all”, “Poland won’t be here anymore”, “Our land, our heroes”, “Bandera and Shukhevych are heroes of Ukraine”, “Remember, strangers, here the master is Ukrainian”, “Remember heroes, destroy enemies”.

The head of the nationalist “Svoboda” party Oleg Tyagnybok called to follow the example of Bandera, who gave the order to destroy the Soviet consul in Lvov, apparently to revenge the so-calledHolodomor, and then members of OUN conducted another terrorist attack – an assassination attempt on a Polish minister to avenge the Polonisation of Galicia.

At a rally in Ivano-Frankovsk, Tyagnibok also stated that the education of the younger generation of Ukrainians in the framework of the ideas of the integral nationalism of Stepan Bandera is a critical task, since a significant part of the current population of the country are ready to live in “the embrace of Muscovy”.

Ukrainian nationalists also organised a torchlight procession in Slavyansk and frontline Avdeevka
The largest action was in Slavyansk, where nationalists held a march for the third consecutive year. Interestingly, the local administration tried to deny the right of the march, however, the court sided with the Banderists.

In Avdeevka a Banderist march was held for the first time and was attended by about 30 people. However, the organisers were pleased with the results and already announced the next March for January 22nd – the so-called “unification day of Ukraine”.

Oleg Tyagnibok, who held events in the Donbass cities occupied by the Ukrainian army, said that the marches in Avdeevka and Gorlovka have an important ideological value.

“With the arrival of dusk all over Ukraine the marches of nationalists will begin, which are organised by their joint forces… That fire that will today burn all over Ukraine in honor of Stepan Bandera will be fire for the future. It will symbolise that we must become the last generation that will fight for Ukraine.

Already our children and grandchildren should benefit from the great Ukrainian Banderist State. Today such a march will also take place in the front line zone, in Slavyansk and even in Avdeevka, literally just a couple of kilometers from the enemy’s positions. By this we will show that we want to live not in the Soviet, not in the Bolshevik, not in any liberal country with completely foreign traditions and family values. We do not want such a Ukraine,” stated Tyagnibok at a meeting in Ivano-Frankovsk. 

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