Leader of the Ukrainian Nazi Organisation “OUN” Kokhanovsky Called to Kill Ethnic Minorities

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Ukraine the thirst for executions ripens. At first, the socialist Ilya Kiva threatened to kill all friends of Saakashvili, including women and children, but at the last-minute the hero chickened out and didn’t come to the border checkpoint. But the execution baton was picked up by the leader of OUN Nikolay Kokhanovsky, who, instead of politicians, wants to eliminate the representatives of national minorities – if they don’t agree with the policy of forced Ukrainization.

The battalion commander of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) considers that if the Tatar, Jew, or Georgian don’t respect Ukrainians, and plunder, exploit, hate the country, then such representatives of a national minority are the enemies of Ukraine and “must die”. This was written without shame by the nazi on his Facebook page. The reason for this thirst for murdering “black-haired people” was an incident in Odessa, where the genetic successor of Bandera was on vacation.

According to him, during relaxation at one of the local resorts, there was a rather “cool” incident. The Ukrainian nationalist, walking with his wife at the street market in the resort town of Zatoka, became a witness to a conflict between dealers, one of which was Armenian and another – a Aryan… sorry, a Ukrainian.

Near one of the trays of a seller of soap and cosmetic oils, the public that was eager to buy his goods gathered. However, after a while in the crowd an unknown person sprayed pepper spray and disappeared. As Kokhanovsky reports, the villain appeared to be a competitor-Armenian.

“I saw the Armenian who sells soap and a lot of other Chinese junk. On all signs it was seen that it is exactly he who sprayed this spray. Some more Armenians arrived. I explained to them who here is the guest and who is the master. If they touch even once any Ukrainian, there will be pogroms,” threatened the leader of OUN.

Thus, the wife of the nazi ripped into another tanned seller: the militant female friend of the nationalist “flipped over the Armenian’s table with goods”. After this “blacked-assed” person left the Ukrainian guy in embroidery alone, apologised, and quietly continued to trade – reports the fan of the chant “remember foreigner, the Ukrainian is the master here”.

And he continues to kindle hatred on racial and international grounds in a region where for hundreds of years Armenians, Tatars, Jews, Moldavians, Gagauz, and Ukrainians live side by side. According to Kokhanovsky, “this is not the first instance when ethnic minorities show disrespect for Ukrainians. There are many stories in which vile Armenians ‘smother’ the free Ukrainian people”.

The most ridiculous thing is that this was declared by a nazi in a region where until recently Mikhail Saakashvili – a Georgian – was the master, invited by Ukrainians “to be the Tsar there”, in order to teach slaves about reforms. Now the nazis want to “cleanse” the Odessa region, “having shown to the monkeys the road to their auls – this is what the readers of the page of Kokhanovsky advise. And he also threatens tanned Odessa dealers, promising to send all Armenians, Georgians, and Tatars back to their historical Motherland. A reminder – this is an issue in a country where the Afghan Mustafa Nayyem is still considered as an idol of the liberation national movement and one of the leaders of Maidan, where Bandera was awaited, who will bring order to Ukraine.

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He specified that representatives of national minorities who exploit Ukraine are the personal enemies of OUN, and must be killed. Besides this, he mentioned that this a rule and the official position of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and that it is better for all who don’t agree with this to pack their suitcase before “jihad” arrives.

By the way, many supporters of Kokhanovsky appeared, who are ready together with him to hang Tatars, Armenians, and Jews in “united, undivided, given-by-God Ukraine”. His post gleams with words of support: “Glory to Ukraine!”; “A correct position”; “And if you hit them immediately in the face? Ary [pejorative for Armenian – ed] and Khach understand only force”.

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