Leaked Documents: Ukrainian Commissariats Defraud the Relatives of Missing UAF Soldiers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!


From trusted sources I obtained important documents from the Security Service of Ukraine. In one of the documents the topic is missing combatants. It gives a decent amount of money to the Kiev regime. The Ukrainian authorities is trumpeting everywhere that the so-called separatists are stealing bodies, but at the same time earn money from this lie via extortion. I bring you proof of the crimes of this bloody government.

I want to tell you that this is just one letter that I have. There are many of such facts in the UAF over the last 4 years all over Ukraine: Kherson region – 4 facts, Nikolaev region – 20, Odessa region – 30, Lvov region – 18, Zhytomyr region – 7, Dnepropetrovsk region – 46, etc. These figures reflect only a small part of the nightmare that is ongoing in the UAF.

I terribly regret that Ukrainian mothers still don’t believe documents that expose the authorities that came to power on blood.

For the junta your children equate enrichment and are expendable! When you realise that this is not our war. Once again I appeal to you, Ukrainians – flee from the not-needed-by-anyone civil war that was brought to us by overseas partners.

P.S. I publish the original document in the Ukrainian language.

Aleksey Zhuravko

Counter-intelligence Department
Main directorate
Military counterintelligence
5th Department
Italian Boulevard, 3, Odessa, 65012
Tel 718-36-15
e-mail: [email protected]
16.11.2017 No. 17/5/1-3491

The chief of the Main directorate of the Counter-intelligence Department of Ukraine Major-General S.M. Levchenko Kiev,

The identification of schemes of receiving illegal
material reward by military servicemen

The department on an ongoing basis takes measures to prevent violations of the law by military personnel, civil servants, and civilian employees of operational facilities.

During the reporting period the department disclosed a new scheme whereby employees of the military commissariats of Odessa and Nikolaev regions from among the officers received unlawful material compensation from the relatives of the missing combatants in the ATO zone.

In the framework of the investigation into ‘Cyclops’, information was received about the illegal actions of the Deputy of the military commissar of one of the district military commissariats in the Odessa region. It was established that the subordinate of ‘Cyclops’ – Captain ‘M’, on his orders, informed the relatives of the missing during the fighting in 2014 and 2015 with false information that the latter are allegedly in thrall to the field commanders of illegal armed groups of the terrorist organisations ‘DPR’ or ‘LPR’. But they aren’t mention on the lists of PoWs, allegedly because in Ukraine they are considered as missing. ‘M’ proposed to the relatives for a financial reward to obtain a ransom for the missing military personnel. He acted like he has the opportunity to negotiate with the commanders of militants [of the LDPR – ed] over giving the missing soldiers the official status of PoWs for further exchange.

In reality, ‘Cyclops’ and ‘M’ didn’t possess information about the whereabouts of the missing combatants. Thus, they led relatives astray, but received from them considerable money. Thus, they received $3,000 from a resident of Chernomorsk in 2016 for obtaining a ransom for their son. In 2017, they received $5,500 from another female citizen of Ukraine for obtaining a ‘ransom’ of her husband. They explained the fact that soldiers returned home by saying that exchanges with militants haven’t been conducted for more than a year (which is true), but they didn’t return the money.

In the course of the operation it was revealed that ‘Cyclops’ and ‘M’ transferred some of the money to their contact at the Odessa regional military commissariat, who covered up their activities and provided information about missing servicemen in different parts of the region. Information that employees of other military commissariats of the Odessa and Nikolaev regions could be involved in this scheme is being obtained and verified.

The investigation continues by the department in the direction of documenting the episode of the two persons obtaining illicit material reward for bringing them to responsibility according to current legislation. After receiving the operational significant results, we will immediately inform you.

Head of department
Colonel A. Lyulko”

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