Lessons of Fascism in Ukrainian Schools Caught on Camera

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The use of children’s gullibility, purity, and naivety is the worst sin possible. And it is even more disgusting to see how in current Ukraine children become victims of “political pedophilia”, their brains and souls are brutally and cynically raped.


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Ukrainian schools pay great attention to propaganda of Nazism and hatred to Russians and to Russia.

In Zaporozhye, in the workshops, children weave Ghillie suits and military camouflage for the “heroes” of the so-called ATO.

And in the schools of Lugansk and Donetsk regions controlled by Kiev lessons of patriotism take place. In these lessons, children are forced to buy so-called Patriotic newspaper Kropivach. On the front page which flaunts photos of a Ukrainian girl in a wreath and the inscription in Ukrainian: “Daddy, kill a Russian!”

Here is such a lesson of patriotic education, in which a Banderist with a gun in his hand and Nazi runes brainwashes children with Nazi ideas.

The Ukrainians send greetings to the Russian opposition, the fans to stand up with placards somewhere in Moscow in defense of punishers. Dear opposition, no matter how you spread yourself for Banderists, you are still the enemy for them, don’t wait for mercy from them.

“Forgive us Ukraine” – Russian liberal oppositionist

Banderist agitators hold lessons of real and unclouded fascism. They inspire the younger generation that Russians are subhumans, force Russian children of Donbass to feel flawed, and tell them that they are the enemies of Ukraine just because they are Russian. And propose, first of all, to renounce their family, mother and father, forced to forget their native language, to become the same rejector-of-their-Russianness, like those that renounced their Russianness and took up arms, and kill now women and children in Donbass.

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