Lessons From “Aum Shinrikyo” for “Experts” on Navalny’s Poisoning

The wave of artificial hype that Aleksey Navalny tried to provoke with such pomp with his “investigation” turned out to be not at all as resonant and convincing as he had hoped. The main reason is ignorance of the sense of proportion: in an effort to show himself more clearly in the image of the Eternal Victim, Navalny with his “three poisonings” frankly went too far and aggravated by 300% all those perplexities that already appeared in everyone in connection with some “harmlessness” of the supposedly deadliest poison on the planet, Novichok. Three “poisonings”, after two of which did not even require hospitalisation — maybe it was better to poison with mushrooms, arsenic or hemlock the old-fashioned way?

This frank absurdity caught the eye of absolutely everyone, including the writers of the “detective story” themselves, and they rushed to support it from all sides with “expert opinions” – they say that everything is normal, with military toxic substances it is always like this. It turned out, of course, even worse! Although, it would seem, much worse? But you will see for yourself!

Experts are delusional… or lying

On the Meduza website, which exists on the money of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, two materials were published at once with extremely eloquent headlines, as the saying goes – “you don’t even need to read”: the first was called “It’s not so easy to poison a person with ‘Novichok'”, and the second – “I call it Russian chemical roulette”. What could be more expressive than these “Freudian reservations”?!..

In both texts, we read something that makes our eyes pop. In the first material of an interview with the author of the investigation, Christo Grozev, we meet this passage: “But, as we found out after consulting with leading experts on chemical weapons, if to use, for example, only 85% of the lethal dose, then the victim may not know at all that an attempt had been made to assassinate them: the human body is so capable of fighting the effects of poison.”

Stop! There are too many counterarguments, but they will come later, in sequential order. In the meantime, the following quote, already from a very expert expert, OPCW employee Marc-Michael Blum: “In summary, I must say that the most important thing here is that yes, you can be poisoned, but you may not even know about it, if the dose is at least a little short of fatal poisoning. There is only a narrow window between the onset of symptoms and death — I mean death without medical attention.”

“Narrow window”? Seriously? Well, let’s have a look!

Useless “weapons”

A significant part of the wall of lamentations that accompanies the topic “poisoning of Navalny” consists of the exclamations “Oh, it’s not just poison – it’s CHEMICAL WEAPONS! This is a combat substance! This is a means of mass destruction!” with the implication that the damned Kremlin just used WMDs, almost an atomic bomb.

And no one understands how stupid they are using this logic? After all, chemical weapons are something that, by definition, can not have a “narrow window”, but on the contrary, they are created for the widest possible coverage of people with symptoms of death.

Just think: you are a general who ordered a new chemical warfare agent from military chemists. They will bring “Novichok” and advertise it as the best weapon of mass destruction of its kind. You rub your hands together and are already preparing to treat the enemy’s front line with this absolute poison. For the sake of form, you ask: okay, but what about its lethality, its efficiency? Will it neutralise all the enemies? And chemists say to you: Umm….well, how to say… not really. Not all, but only 15% of those affected. You in response: well, it’s nothing, let everyone not die, let them simply lose their combat effectiveness. And chemists: well…. it’s not sure that they will lose it. Rather, 85% will not notice that they have been poisoned at all.

What do you say to such “geniuses” who have developed a chemical warfare agent that does not work on five-sixths of their victims?! Probably, forget about it and order the good old mustard, phosgene or CS.

The whole point of weapons of MASS destruction is in their mass character. Yes, it is not necessary to kill everyone en masse, but to disable, deprive of activity, neutralise as much as possible. Otherwise, why is such a “WMD” even necessary, if it acts on a negligible percentage in its field of application?!..

To make it quite clear: imagine a bullet that, when it hits the body, either kills or … does nothing. One or the other. Do you think such bullets would be accepted at least somewhere in service?

How chemical warfare agents work on everyone except Navalny

However, there has already been a very high-profile precedent in history, when thousands of people were exposed to a chemical warfare agent that is very similar to “Novichok” both in its chemical formula and in its effect on the body. We are talking about the sarin attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995, committed by members of the sect “Aum Shinrikyo”.

Regardless of the background of the entire tragic theme, let’s focus on the fact of the attack itself. The terrorists used a total of 4.5 kilograms of sarin in 8 plastic bags (there were 11 bags, three of them failed to break through and they did not “work”). And these 4.5 kilograms of sarin, a poison although very strong, but weaker than “Novichok”, killed 12 people and caused damage of varying severity to 6,000.

About 1,000 people temporarily lost their sight, another 5,500 sought some kind of medical help. And you know, none of them “didn’t notice” that they had been poisoned! According to witnesses of the catastrophe, it looked like this: ” I got this really bad cough. By then everyone in the car was coughing away like mad. I knew there was something strange going on in the car. The other people were so excited and everything,said the victim Kiyoka Izumi. “Then there was that girl nearby, crying and trembling all over. I stayed with her and tried to comfort her, saying, ‘There there, it’s all right,’ until finally the ambulance came. All that time I looked after lots of different people, all of them white-faced, completely washed out.”

Not “I washed my face with cold water and in 15 minutes everything passed”, not “I sat on the bench and was healthy in the morning”, but like this. And this is logical — sarin acts exactly as a real WMD, from which it is required to hit the maximum number of victims to one degree or another. But if the poison that Aleksey digested three times had been used in the Tokyo subway, then there wouldn’t be 6,000 victims, but just 15% of the passengers of each carriage would fall dead, and the rest would not feel anything.

It is very strange that no one remembers this very revealing case in connection with the “poisoning” of Navalny!

Facts and logic do not leave a stone unturned from the nonsense that the enemies of Russia are trying to make believe. You just need to turn on your head and have a minimum of knowledge and a culture of thinking.

Grigory Ignatov

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