Letter From Ukrainian Journalist Behind Bars

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Letter written by Dmitry Vasilets

In the prison cell I have a TV, and due to the fact that there are only Ukrainian channels, I often have moral shock and cognitive dissonance. I am watching TSN describe two brothers who after Maidan had a ruptured relationship due to differing opinions, and are now fighting in the East – one for the Ukrainian Army, the other for the self-proclaimed DPR – they are separated by shooting distance, but they talk on the phone!

I am watching on STB Ukrainian Army soldiers saying to the “journalist” that locals often dress in camouflage, put guns in their hands, and shoot at them at night from the sides, and in the afternoon they take off the camouflage and smile at Ukrainian Army fighters as civilians! And then just after, after every such story it is said that it is not a civil war that we have, but we are exclusively at war with “Russian-terrorist troops”!

I do not understand how much of an idiot one needs to be to believe such stories that we don’t have a civil war?! In a propaganda stupor, our, God forgive me, “journalists” tell banal lies, and moreover they lie illogically and inconsistently, which does great harm not only to the people, but to the country. I am wondering whether all of this “media community” understand that lies and manipulation is the road to destruction of our country???

I refuse to believe it, and I suppose that most of our “journalists”, with their lies and black propaganda, deliberately, for money, destroy Ukraine. Not surprisingly, in 70% of cases, our media show only the speakers of the Ukrainian Army, because if they will start to show in full what in reality is going on, the audience will be terrified and will  en-masse start to ask uncomfortable questions. Those same issues that me, as a media human rights activist and journalist, was jailed for.


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