LGBT Is Not a Community, But a Western Corporation & Lever of Political Pressure

Russia is a country of paradoxes, and unlike the entire so-called democratic, civilised, progressive, and tolerant Europe and the west, fortunately, despite all attempts to change us from outside, it has preserved its identity and I am not afraid of the word “exclusivity”.

Yes, we are different from the same Europeans and Americans, we are different indeed.

At the genetic, spiritual, and interpersonal level. In relation to their lives, to their family traditions, to their memory, to their history and their ancestors. Life style, world vision, thinking, and almost everything. Is that a bad thing?

They are all mixed up there to such an extent that many do not position themselves with the country, or even with the geographical point where they were born.

The same applies to their national characteristics, ideas, unshakable bonds, and the same traditions.

In essence, the west, represented by the United States, has assimilated and subdued all of Europe, and all of its vassals, imposing the necessary and profitable policies, both external and internal. And they have quite successfully implemented it. The nations dissolved into each other, losing everything. Starting from independence, which today has become only a conditional concept, ending with its national identity.

We already know exactly what the American-imposed tolerance towards refugees has led Europe to. Whereas the US does not allow anyone to enter, although in every way puts pressure on Europe to this day. Trump even built a wall on the border with Mexico to keep out emigrants. Such is tolerance.

With LGBT people, of course, things are different, because in the same America, any officially recognised minority is nothing but a large corporation that a lot of money is pumped into.

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Well, as a result, to make more money, it is necessary to expand this corporation to the international level. The policy of LGBT recognition imposed on different countries at the state level is the very expansion and development. When a small group of representatives of non-traditional orientation, united in a community, in a European country, is recognised at the state level. What happens next? What happens is that this very group becomes almost a political party in this country, and under the guise of slogans about human rights, it puts pressure on the political leadership of the country to push through the social and international solutions that they and their international colleagues need in the life of the state.

And if you consider the financial component of all this movement, you will just be stunned. By turning LGBT into a brand, global capitalists, in addition to political levers on the international stage, have acquired a whole sector of the economy dedicated to these people and fabulous profits. Lines of branded clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, plastic surgery, and everything related to them. And continuing the question of finance, you can clearly see everything with an inverted phrase: “for more supply, you need more demand”! In other words, the more LGBT representatives appear, the greater the demand for products exclusively for their community. And to influence important political processes in another country, you need more supporters.

Here is the answer to the question “Why have sex education classes been introduced in European schools?”. After all, they are literally hammered into their heads that it is normal, natural, and even good to have a non-traditional orientation. In fact, from early childhood, followers are recruited. And does the capitalist care about the mental state of a teenager who can not decide who they are and whom to love? It’s profitable for the capitalist to sell, which means that it’s profitable for them to introduce such lessons into the school curriculum in order to push doubted teenagers to take a rash step and take the LGBT path. And the more they believe that this is normal and natural, the more profitable it is for them. The more supporters and unwitting integrators of its interests there will be.

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Watch at least American and European TV series and movies. It seems that in a free, democratic, and legal America and Europe, directors and screenwriters are forcibly and necessarily forced to include in their works gays, lesbians, and representatives of all other races, and not only minorities. And it is true!

But with Russia, the western LGBTisation program has stalled.

For many years, we have been under pressure from the entire international community to recognise this community at the state level. Allegedly, the rights of citizens with non-traditional orientation are constantly violated in our country, and the government does not protect them. And remember the protests and pickets of representatives of this community in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and even Voronezh. That’s just what they demand, but for me personally it is unacceptable and not understandable. Official marriage between members of the same sex, the possibility of adoption of children by non-traditional couples, the introduction of sex education lessons in the school curriculum, these are simply unacceptable demands that contradict the very concept of rights. They shout about the violation of their civil rights, but in essence they demand a special status and various preferences for themselves. As citizens of the Russian Federation, they have the same rights as all other citizens, but this is not enough for them. Well done, though, what else can be said!

Well, the last thing that caused a violent reaction was the peremptory consolidation of the concept of the family in the constitution, as a union between a man and a woman.

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There was lots of international howling and mud-slinging towards Russia and Putin. I read, watch videos, and wonder. Oh, a static, totalitarian, and conservative Russia, did not allow LGBT capitalists to visit it, did not allow them to earn billions by corrupting our youth like western and European ones. It thwarted the laid-down program for the decomposition of the moral component of youth education. And the preservation of family values is nothing but a violation of human rights! This is really a madhouse. They ruined their institution of the family by letting such orientations into it, so decided to corrupt us too. Well, not if I know it.

And where? In a country in which a considerable percentage have visited places not so remote, and there is a specific attitude to such comrades. But it’s just lyrics. They hung rainbow flags on their embassies, indeed they are jesters. You can live there as you want, in pink, blue, and rainbow relationships, but thank God you are not allowed to go to Russia! Family is the union of a man and woman, period! And we will wash away your profane dirt; it’s not the first time that we have to do it.


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