LGBT Militants Desecrated the “Motherland” Monument in Kiev on the Eve of June 22nd

Activists of the Kiev LGBT community “KyivPride” organised a campaign within the framework of global LGBT month. They made a video in which the monument “Motherland”, which is located on Pevcheskoye Field, “holds” the rainbow flag of representatives of sexual minorities on a sword.

The video was published on Facebook.

Participants of the action launched a drone with a rainbow banner. When the drone flew over the monument, it hovered over the monument in such a way that the flag looked like it was hanging on the sculpture’s sword.

“‘Motherland’ for equality for all! The great LGBT+ flag is all over Kiev today. To be continued,” KyivPride said.

The deputy from “Opposition Platform – For Life” Oleg Voloshin already reacted to this event, noting that the flag was hung on the eve of June 22nd – the day when the German attack on Kiev began in 1941.

“And after that, the ‘comrades’ with the corresponding deviations are surprised that they are not understood. And sometimes it is quite painful for them to not be understood. I have no words. And this is on the eve of June 22!” wrote Voloshin.

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