Liberal Agitator Vladislav Sinitsa Handed Five Years of Prison for Extremism – Harsh or Fair?

The jokes are over. In Moscow a strict sentence was pronounced to a participant of the provocation connected to mass disorder. 5 years of prison for calling to murder the children of law enforcement officers. If someone suddenly considers that this is unfair, then become acquainted with this condemned and long-time troublemaking degenerate via this article.

This passenger was hiding under the nickname “Maks Steklov”. Actually his name is Vladislav Sinitsa. He posted different information garbage on social networks, spreading negative things about Russia. He was involved in promoting LGBT. He profaned the memory of veterans of the Second World War, offended the Russian Orthodox Church, and provoked aggression. Such persons often become an integral part of the liberal gang, and our case is not an exception.

Sinitsa appeared at the illegal rallies of the non-systemic opposition in Moscow. At Trubnaya Square he called to observe a minute of silence for the “Ukrainians and Georgians who died fighting against Russia”. And before the rally on July 27th he agitated for civil war. But Sinitsa decided not to stop at this. His calls to punish the children of police officers became fatal. A search for the extremist began.

A pseudonym couldn’t save the criminal – he was identified very quickly then arrested. The sentence in the form of a five-year prison term will serve as an excellent signal for the same narrow-minded garbage as Sinitsa. If someone dares to violate the law, hiding behind a “digital mask” – be sure, someone will knock at your door soon.

The sentence is fair and justified. The dregs of society, incapable of being responsible for their own actions and deeds, must be isolated from society. The example of Sinitsa will serve as a lesson for the rest. At first it is better to think than to speak, not to mention to participate in protest actions and anti-Russian oppositional activity.

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Nikolay Kireyev

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