Liberal Bloggers and Journalists in Russia Sign an Open Letter in Defence of Convicted Pervert Vladislav Sinitsa

The mice were pricked, cried, but continued to gnaw the cactus… And it is the same story with the liberal opposition in Russia. For some reason, hatred towards themselves is aroused. And with sure persistence, worthy of a better use, they humiliate all their dignity. So they wrote “Open letter of bloggers and journalists in support of Vladislav Sinitsa”. After all, he so sincerely dreamed of killing… and f*cking the insides of a corpse. He simply wanted to rape children. He was mocking in a liberal way. He incited in a way that is typical for the opposition…

It is necessary to know that Sinitsa wasn’t condemned for everything that he did.

What Sinitsa was already condemned for

Vladislav Sinitsa (nickname “Maks Steklov”) wrote on Twitter: “Look at the lovely happy family photos, study the geolocation, and the child of the valorous defender of law and order just one day does not come from school. Instead of the child, a CD with a snuff video comes in the mail. It’s like you were only just born, asking such questions!”

A snuff video is a video of brutal torture and real (not staged) murder.

And then an open letter…. Open! Explicitly to arouse hostility towards oneself. Masochists. Should have written it closed – no one would know, and there wouldn’t be as much hate.

“We consider that in the tweet of Sinitsa there is no appeal to commit violence… Sinitsa must be exempted from criminal liability”.

There is no appeal, they say. Or is incitement better than an appeal?

When they are misrepresenting and obviously perverting so impudently, it is clear that they especially arose hatred towards themselves… At least inside me for sure. And it’s such strong hatred that I don’t even known why they are doing this…

What Sinitsa still has to be judged for

Sinitsa did not became a fighter against the “bloody regime” just like that, but from the best liberal motives: he long wanted to “kill a person and f*ck their guts”.

“I’ve always wanted to kill a man and f*ck their guts……”

And how can such perverts not support a pervert?

Sinitsa is not the ordinary advocate of freedom of speech and freedom of expression on the Internet – he is an incredibly advanced user of these freedoms.

“A fun night … A child may be raped?) – After all, all the forces of the police and National Guard were sent to the other side of the region!)”

He is free from traditional values and any human morals.

What pedophile won’t support another pedophile?

“You can’t even ID me!) Your children are my bed fodder! – Get over it, please!)”

For this creature children are bed fodder.

This creature scoffed and thought that he wouldn’t be caught.

5 years for arousing such hatred – it isn’t enough!

And a bastard will not decry another bastard, but only will support them.

List of Sinitsa

The “Open letter of bloggers and journalists in support of Vladislav Sinitsa” was published a couple of days ago in Novaya Gazeta, on the website of the “Dozhd” TV channel, and on social networks.

They were shy at first, but this quickly stopped. Mikhail Svetov, Leonid Gozman, Aleksey Navalny, Pyotr Verzilov, and the Deputy of the Council of Deputies of the municipal District of Khamovniki Ilya Azar. The time for an open letter arrived.

The following managed to speak in support of Sinitsa:

Rustem Adagamov (drugoi), Andrey Malgin (avmalgin), Arseny Bobrovsky (KermlinRussia), Aleksandr Gorbunov (Stalingulag), Tatiyana Felgengauer, Oleg Kashin, Aleksandr Plyushchev, Viktor Shenderovich, Dmitry Gudkov, Mikhail Svetov, Ruslan Usachyov, Mariya Motuznaya, Ruslan Sokolovsky, Irina Shikhman (author of the YouTube program “And to talk?”), Dmitry Chernyshyov (mi3ch), Egor Zhgun, Denis Chuzhoy, Leonid Kaganov (lleo), Kirill Shulika, Artem Loskutov, Roberto Panchvidze (MDK), Fedor Krasheninnikov, Aleksandr Chernykh, Tatiyana Shchukina, Ruslan Gafarov, Aleksey Nasedkin (nasedkin), Mikhail Pozharsky, Andrey Pivovarov, Viktoriya Ivleva, Sergey Styopin, Yury Saprykin, Aleksandr Shakhov, Anatoly Kapustin, Nataliya Korotkonozhkina, Yury Alekseyev (Hobbit Otshelnik), Nataliya Dyomina, Mikhail Shevelyov, Sergey Tsatsuyev, Anastasiya Mironova, Gleb Gavrish, Oleg Nikishkin, Anastasiya Romashkevich, Maksim Fedorov, Felix Shvedovsky, chief editor of the RT state TV channel Mariya Baronova…

It is promised that the list will be supplemented in real time…

It’s a very good letter! Because it has signatures.

Sergey Netyosov

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