Liberal Media Agency “Dozhd” Has a New Editor-In-Chief

The scandalous TV channel “Dozhd” has a new editor-in-chief – Tikhon Dzyadko, a hereditary liberal journalist who has seen enough of his mother receiving grants from the west. He pushed Aleksandra Perepelova, for who, obviously, a new anti-Russian project is in the works, away from her position. Dzyadko reported on social networks about leaving the “RTVI” TV channel and returning to “Dozhd” immediately after the statement of Perepelova. However, information about his appointment had emerged online earlier, which caused him to become visibly upset.

The new editor-in-chief of the channel has acquaintances that he literally inherited. Dzyadko turns out to be a hereditary liberal. His mother, Zoya Svetova, is a Russian journalist and human rights activist who has long worked closely with the West. She is published in liberal dumps such as “The New Times”, “Novaya Gazeta“, “MBKh-media“, and recognised foreign agent “Radio Svoboda“. We should not expect objective assessments and materials from these media outlets at all. The quality of journalism also leaves much to be desired.

Tikhon Dzyadko obviously received the position of head of “Dozhd” from the Western curators of the TV channel. This media outlet is only afloat because of the West’s money. Therefore, the editorial policy of the TV channel is formed by foreign NGOs.

Political scientist Aleksandr Shatilov notes: “The main goal of ‘Dozhd’ is to destabilise the situation in the country. The company appealed to foreign sponsors who are interested in it.”

Information about the affiliation of “Dozhd” was confirmed by the State Department on August 6th 2019.

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Evgeny Radugin

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