Liberated Aleppo – a “Museum” of EU-US Weapons Sent to Jihadists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Pierre Le Corf

How can I not be sad when sifting through the ruins of certain neighborhoods to see if many families resettled themselves, I continue to find casings of French rockets (68 mm, which appear in the media channels of “moderate” fighters) in the remains of buildings that were held by al-Nusra, and who used these same rockets on people who are dead here in the West, and not on the military, only civilians (and from this area we took a mouth-full).

I can’t imagine that the people who are dead around me may be dead because of our weapons. The foreign munitions found here at the time of liberation could be counted in the hundreds… What is interesting is that in the common building, in the middle of old erupted magazines of Kalashnikovs, amongst official mandates that are, for example, destined for jihadist police, explaining that it is necessary to beat and imprison resident for 1 month if they eat during Ramadan, amongst material to manufacture ammunition with containers of TNT, and in the middle of all this, stacked between other military debris are hundreds of boxes of foodstuffs from the American government. The inhabitant told me that they are stocks controlled by the militants: so, as a side note, the jihadist areas are not subjected to U.S. sanctions, which among other things are imposed on 90% of the Syrian people? This war is a shameful piece of theatre.


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