Liberated Sentsov & Co Receive Awards for Acts of Terrorism

What is your proof?

What else and more weighty is needed in order to show that Ukraine is a terrorist country?

For attempting to break through the border of the Russian Federation without authorisation (even if some in Ukraine didn’t agree with it) with weapons on combat boats, the military sailors who came back to Ukraine were awarded with military orders, military ranks, and officer cutlasses. For surrendering military property, equipment, weapons? For not fulfilling a criminal order? For making media buzz?

But Europe doesn’t lag behind, once again confirming the thesis that for the purpose of achieving the goal, they are okay with offering support, media coverage, and awards for terrorism. An award, perhaps, will also be presented to the director Oleg Sentsov, who was condemned in Russia for terrorism. As was declared by the president of the European Parliament David Maria Sassoli, he is very happy about Sentsov’s release and is waiting for an opportunity to personally hand him the Sakharov Prize. Well, an award from Europe and an order for this?

So then, how is Europe more beautiful than the US, and how are either of them different from ISIS, and…?


Dmitry Zhuk

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