Life at Someone Else’s Expense Ends for the West – And That’s Why They’re So Indignant

NEW – May 18, 2022

I want to write something like this myself, but Larisa Shesler beat me to it – so I will give her a very informative text. And then I will add comments.

“The howl begins and the demand for Russia to open the export of grain from Ukraine through ports.

Nonsense 1. The total volume of grain in Ukraine for export delayed in ports is 20 million tons.

In fact, there was no such volume of grain in Ukraine by the beginning of May. As of April 27, about 47 million tons have already been exported from Ukraine. In total, Ukraine planned to export about 60 million tons. Taking into account the million and a half tons exported in May via the railway, about 12 million remain for export. The new harvest is still three months away. It is quite possible to take it out by rail. However, now it has become much more difficult to do this.

Nonsense 2. Lack of exports threatens to starve the poor in Africa.

In fact, the main buyer of Ukrainian grain is Europe (sunflower, wheat), Turkey, China and Egypt. Russia supplies Africa, which fulfils all contracts. But, of course, due to the shortage of sunflower, vegetable oil has become very expensive not in Africa, but in Europe. Not in Africa, but in Germany, flour began to cost 3 euros, not in Africa, but in Italy there is not enough flour for pasta. Europeans worry about themselves, not about poor starving Africans.

Nonsense 3. The threat of global hunger is a consequence of Russian aggression.

In fact, the shortage of food is a consequence of the colonial policy of Europe and the West, which use cheap resources of Ukraine, Russia and other countries that supply cheap grain and cheap minerals to the West. For several decades, the price of wheat has been in the corridor of about $200 per ton. During this time, the prices of financial bubbles, real estate, all kinds of banking and legal services, royalties and the cost of all kinds of franchises have increased several-fold, and even dozens of fold. All the grain, with which, as it turns out, Ukraine feeds the world, costs less than the revenue of some marketplace in the US.

So all coffee-growing countries receive from 5 to 10 billion a year, but only Nestle’s revenue is ten times more. And if to count the income of all sorts of chain coffee shops and advertisers? If the countries that grow coffee stop growing it one fine year, the world will lose not 5-10 billion of coffee not received, but will receive hundreds of billions of losses from the losses of all Western monsters using this coffee.

So the non–exported grain from Ukraine is not a threat of starvation of poor Africans, but huge losses of Western companies that receive goods worth ten times more from this grain.

And if to look at it in this context, it bombs from the fact that countries calling for the destruction of the Russian economy, countries that want to trample Russia into the 19th century, and they openly talk about it – it is these countries that want Russia to provide them with a carefree and break-even life. Life with cheap gas, free coal, free oil.

And, of course, life with cheap bread and pasta, because the authorities of these countries are well aware that the population will not tolerate Putin because of high prices.”

That’s the whole solution to the West’s indignation about the events in Ukraine. It strongly dislikes that a colony that it considered to be its own is being taken away from under its nose. And which they can exploit to the maximum, in particular, pumping out cheap grain and other agricultural products from it, as well as rapeseed, which is difficult to plant at home – it greatly depletes the soil. And here it can be done in full – in our area there is really a lot of it growing now.

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But now this sphere is ending, so the collective West has to live more and more on its own. And it forgot how to do this, because it switched to outsourcing – therefore, when it stops, a strong rise in prices and a drop in living standards is inevitable – 2-3 times, depending on the country. Now we will have to grow the same grain and other crops in the right quantities ourselves, and not just process raw materials at home and have hundreds of percent of profit on this. And it is extremely difficult to do this taking into account the lack of energy and the same fertilisers – it is impossible to do it cheaply at all.

Therefore, the current universal howl of those deprived of their “welfare society” at the expense of others is worth it. And therefore, despite everything, the European Commission at a closed meeting adopted a new guide on payments for Russian gas, which implies allowing European companies to open accounts in dollars or euros in Gazprombank, according to the demands of the Russian side. They just have nothing else to do, and they don’t want to freeze in winter.

Solidarity with solidarity, we will help you to win Eurovision, but we will not introduce embargo for energy carriers!

In general, everything is much more complicated than just a special operation or a conflict in Ukraine. This is a complex war for the reconstruction of the world, which will change in any case – it’s just on whose terms exactly – and will be decided in the coming years. Including here.

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