Life in Russia Is in Full Swing, Despite the Coronavirus

This is how the tram line from Upper Pyshma to Ekaterinburg is being built.

The project is landmark for the city, in Upper Pyshma, where alone more than 70,000 people officially live.

In general, sometimes it is useful to get away from the news about coronavirus, or it seems that there is nothing else in the world besides it. Work is ongoing, the country lives. And even according to my closely monitored garbage reform, there is also progress:

The Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan said that in May he will present to journalists the results of the independent examination of the project of the thermal waste disposal plant. “The President of Tatarstan instructed the Ministry of Ecology to find independent experts. We turned to Germany because there are more than 70 solid municipal waste thermal disposal plants. Then we went to the Minister of Environment of Bavaria and the Minister of Environment of Saxony. Why Bavaria? Because today in Bavaria alone there are 12 thermal disposal plants, and in Saxony – one, but there the Minister of Environment is from the Green Party. They have everything strictly in compliance with all environmental rules and regulations”. The Minister added that foreign officials proposed independent experts who accompanied similar solid municipal waste thermal disposal plants using a similar technology to the one that will be used near Kazan.

As we can see, Rustam Minnikhanov kept his promise and organised an independent expert examination. Moreover, there is a nuance, if anyone remembers: it was from Germany that the Gudkov family planned to supply outdated incinerators. As a result, Gudkov howls plaintively from Bulgaria, and we are building our factories. It is clear that our numbskull ecologists and human rights defenders will not be satisfied with any expert examination, but nevertheless.

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Plus there are still interesting details: the UK plans to build 12 new plants in addition to the 46 available.”Rosatom” supplies one of them, Riverside, with boiler equipment. If it turns out that deliveries will go to other plants, it will be totally cool. And when Ural turbines will be exported for such plants, mass suicides of local opposition/ecologists will start.

Surprisingly, in March 2020 alone Russia opened 13 new industries, including 3 large ones, with investments of more than 1 billion rubles: a center for flexible electronics in Moscow; the production of DC shields in Dubna; a plant for the production of products for railway and metro near Belgorod; an enterprise for the formation and repair of wheel sets for freight cars in Bashkortostan; a second line car repair enterprise in Kemerovo; the production of home textiles in Balashikha; a workshop for the production of copper and steel-aluminium cables in Volgograd, and others.

Such are affairs.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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