Life in Ukraine Without the Law

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The news feeds are full of violence. Even the official media are no longer able to contain the streams of cruelty, and nobody and nothing is controllable. Ukraine entered the stage of particularly dangerous resonance. A resonance when the masses realize that the Law no longer exists.

The police kill citizens for traffic violations. They kill just like that. Because they did not like them; because they were given a crooked look.

In the Odessa region the Roma are accused of a girl’s murder. But already nobody has trust in the Law. The whole village went to raid their camp. The police were present at the disorder, detained nobody, and found a streak of ingenious in its impotent move: they prepared the eviction of Roma. A mini deportation.

Two villages in Sumy went face to face. The villagers were smashing eachother’s heads with baseball bats and suddenly shot at friends with firearms.

Ukrainian courts have turned into a cesspool. Criminals accused of the most heinous crimes pour urine over the judges from previously collected bottles of Coca-Cola and throw feces. Judges, under the cover of umbrellas, scatter, like cockroaches poisoned with dichlorvos. They wash their gowns in the toilets of the court, as they cannot leave the courthouse. The court is surrounded by raging supporters of bandits. The police cannot do anything. The law acts to protect no one.

Journalists are killed and are massively intimidated.

Robberies and burglaries have become an epidemic. The police do not have time to record statements about crimes, so that they don’t have to investigate them.

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Ukraine is sinking into chaos. Day by day.

The law was sacrificed for the “coup”. The lawlessness that grew after the “coup” is destroying the country and killing its citizens. It can be assumed that it destroyed those who started this “coup”, since this would be the case in the classic version. But no. In the Ukrainian “coup”, those who started it, feel everything is better. All are satisfied.

But for the rest:

Poverty. Unemployment. Criminal lawlessness.

Ukraine. Year 2016. Third year of celebrating “dignity”.

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