“Like a Suitcase Without a Handle”: Washington & Brussels Are Waiting for an Excuse to Leave the Impoverished Ukraine

Economic sanctions against Russia, which by and large were imposed because of Ukraine’s actions, have dealt an economic blow to, and greatly drowned, not only the American leader Donald Trump, but also to Europe. At the same time, Brussels is waiting for a convenient reason to get rid of the suitcase without a handle called “Ukraine” when it will be possible and finally to move away from the sanctions policy.

This was told by the editor-in-chief of the website “Alternativa”, political expert, analyst Andrey Vadjra at the presentation of a series of author’s books that took place this weekend at the Museum of Military Brotherhood in St. Petersburg.

“All the political scandals that Ukraine was involved in, of course, drowned Trump a lot, this is for sure, plus sanctions, European sanctions, due to which Europe carries a greater decline than Russia. They drowned Europe very much,” says Vadjra.

Also, according to the political technologist, those European politicians who come to Russia openly declare on the sidelines: “We need an excuse to abandon these sanctions, give us an excuse”.

Andrey Vadjra notes that not only is Moscow working on this, Ukraine is also helping Russia on this issue. This is evidenced by the statement of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Prystaiko that Kiev may withdraw from the Minsk Agreements.

“And if Ukraine leaves the Minsk Agreements, then what are the problems for Russia? The Minsk Agreement is an algorithm for solving the war in Donbass, if Ukraine does not want to solve this problem peacefully – through the Minsk Agreements, which it approved, what are the problems then for Europe? What is the point of keeping Russia under sanctions?” explained the analyst.

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Also, Andrey Vadjra added that everything is now heading towards the lifting of the anti-Russian sanctions. “Ukraine by and large, especially in the condition it is now in, is not needed by Europe or the United States, it is like a suitcase without a handle. While it is still a pity to leave it, but everything heads towards this,” he summed up.

Recall, a presentation of a series of books by Andrey Vadjra, in which he analyses the project “Ukraine”, took place in the northern capital this weekend in the Museum of Military Brotherhood of Russia. Such a place for the presentation was not chosen by coincidence. Now the Museum is under repair and is preparing for opening, which will take place on the Day of Heroes of the Motherland, December 9th. The uniqueness of this museum center is that the exposition theme will unite local armed conflicts, in which the interests of Russia are defended, and the center of the exposition will be the situation in Donbass.

Ekaterina Ignatova

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