“Like Cornered Rats”: Most Flee Ukraine While the Main One Tries to Cling Onto Power

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukrainian politician, the leader of the party “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga notes a discreet mass exodus of officials of all ranks from Ukraine. Volga stated that not everyone has the opportunity to escape, that’s why some representatives of power are fleeing from future responsibility, by resigning from their posts. And those who have no opportunity to hide because of their popularity, entrench themselves in Kiev and are preparing for a decisive battle. Them, they are rats, which were cornered, said Volga, making an accurate comparison.

News Front: What is going on in Kiev? It turns out that the leadership of Maidan creates anti-Maidan? I.e. the structure for the fight against those who will act with democratic protests.

“The “United center” is created in Kiev, although they using all means tried to deny it. And like last time, when there was a need to start a war with their own people, Oleksandr Turchynov was chosen (as its head), who now heads the National Security and Defence Council. And at that time he was acting President. And it is him who, at this time, sent troops to the East. Now he heads this established “center for the struggle with the third Maidan”. Already now a terrorist threat to the Kreshchatik is declared. People are gathering here. And security forces and bandits are being pulled here. And it’s hard to understand whose bandits they are. Across Kiev, last week, mobilization gathering took place. There were at least three “centres”, which offered money to these people, who earned money in recent raider captures on security actions to disperse peaceful rallies.

And these “centers” were raking up towards themselves these forceful bandit structures, which are integrated now in political activities. And who are there, and how this movement will go out now is unclear. But a “center” that was designed to suppress any dissent, this “center” exists.

Of course, this is a complete collapse of power. The power is being scattered. And those fleeing are not the only the ones we see now – these young people or Georgians, who along with Saakashvili run away. In fact, they flee at all levels known to me. They are officials of the second and third grade. Just today I received four calls from people who requested legal advice. They were officials of high rank. They refuse to go to work, because something unclear to them is happening. These people  just submitted their resignation and simply did not come to work. They risk being threatened with responsibility for sabotage. They are called “shake-uppers”. It is said that they are an element of the “shake up” plan to destabilize the system of governance  In short, the crumbling of governance of the state is happening. Which ought to be expected.”

News Front: People that are referred to by some Internet users as rats that are fleeing the ship and who understood something for themselves. They are not patriots. It is those who are today where crumbs are sprinkled. These crumbs must be eaten. And if these rats fled, what does it mean? That the crumbs ceased to fall from the table? Or their radar detected that they will cease to fall? Or there is a danger that exterminators will come and lay down rat poison?

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“It is the most real fear. The fear is so strong that it is unfortunate that we cannot transmit or record all conversations that are going on in Ukraine after the elections in the United States of America. After all, what happened? That the point of support is lost. They all suddenly found themselves in a suspended state. Suddenly, it became clear that there isn’t anyone to lean on and nowhere to hide themselves. Of course they expect that those who flee now will tell each other fables. Most scared of all is, of course, Poroshenko. Poroshenko and all those who are tied by iron cables together with him, who will not be able to escape. The rest flee discreetly. At least somehow hide themselves in order to be forgotten. Yatsenyuk for them is the ideal, an example: steal a billion and get away so that it’s forgotten and not remembered. So that people and the media stopped talking about it… And as soon as he left the pages of the newspapers – it’s finished! What guides them now, their inner feeling is fear. They need to entrench themselves somewhere in Kiev. Now there are serious personnel shifts in power structures, because  in their opinion there are many people who are unreliable. There is a need for them to find reliable persons who will carry out the worst orders, in order for them to be able to stay put… They will defend themselves to the last, like cornered rats. And we should be ready for this.”

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