Like Yeltsin: A Drunk Poroshenko Speaks in Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Social networks actively discuss a new video where Petro Poroshenko is shown during a recent visit to the part of the former Donetsk region under the control of Kiev. The Ukrainian president with a reddened face shouts into the microphone and waves his hands around, from which commentators draw the conclusion that the head of State isn’t sober.

The Kiev political scientist Sergey Belashko compares Poroshenko to the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

“Petro Poroshenko reminds me Boris Yeltsin more and more. You be the judge:

• an inept and totally corrupt government;

• a senseless war;

• the expansion of law enforcement bodies and bureaucracy;

• the frank and cynical plundering of national property;

• the readiness to carry out any of the whims of western ‘partners’;

• the desire to be re-elected for a second term, even as a scarecrow, even as a carcass;

• a sincere belief in one’s omnipotence;

• a disregard for parliamentarism;

• boundless populism, including with the use of heavy machinery;

• tendency to alcoholism, including in the workplace during working hours;

• special relations with the head of security, who received inadequately great influence;

• disbelief in institutions, continuous attempts to replace them with relatives, friends, or just people who liked something.

But in order to be Yeltsin there is still a need to find a Zyuganov and a Putin. But Poroshenko only has a Rabinovich or a Gritsak in the deck,” commented Belashko.

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