The Limits of US’ Retreat

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

The willingness of the West to keep its “global perimeter” evokes growing doubt.

According to media reports, US President Obama and EU leaders will meet in Berlin on 18.11.16 and will discuss the possibility of extending the anti-Russian sanctions.

To start, some kind of anecdote on this subject:

“Obama came to the summit and said: “Ladies and gentlemen! I’ve just got back from Trump. Well, you know. It’s time to end this messing around. Well, to hell with them – these sanctions!”

There are of course jokes, but there is a lot of confusion and dismay in Western capitals, after the American “epic fail” today. And those in Europe who are waiting from the meeting with Obama some encouraging news about how to live in the future so that nothing will change, most likely are greatly mistaken. Because Obama is not the same and times nowadays have finally ceased to be weary in the West. The time came for the West to stretch their legs according to the coverlet and to bring their ambitions into line with its real opportunities, which continue to decline steadily in the manner of shagreen skin.

In fact, today it is time to talk about the transition of the West to global retreat and about the limits to which it can roll back.

In this regard – a little bit of philosophy.

Global alignment depends on the ratio between integers of factors, which we don’t know. While all tend to inflate their cheeks and to pull wool over the eyes. Accordingly – in the public sphere there is no truth and cannot be.

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As a result of this, so-called “unexpected” things appear, which are unexpected only to us. Due to inertia, it seems to us that America is great, mighty, and all-powerful. But this comes from them inflating their cheeks.

But what is the reality? Is the US ready to defend all their global perimeter? It’s not a fact. The first signs – almost conflict-free, factually anti-American elections in Moldova and Bulgaria. In the “best of times” there would have been a Maidan. But only the Montenegrin Djukanovic was able to ride the old wave.

How far is the US ready to roll back? After Moldova and Bulgaria, it’s even weird to talk about Ukraine, which becomes more and more reminiscent of the image of “Baba Yaga in the rearguard of the enemy”. Now we will talk about Kosovo, about the countries of the “cordon sanitaire”, the greater Middle East, Turkey, and Pakistan. Or about the same Balkans, also finally. Where up to now there is still something unintelligible under the name “Republic of Kosovo”. There is a great redistribution ahead. America will not fight for this. These days are gone. Otherwise there would be no Trump.

And by the way, here is the first little bell:

The latest UN report on the situation in Kosovo showed that “the region is still hindered by a major problem”, that it’s impossible to “hide it under the carpet,” said the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the organization Vladimir Safronkov at a meeting of the UN Security Council. “But where is the promised security and prosperity that we were told about when we were building the unilateral declaration of Kosovo’s independence? There is no answer to this question, unfortunately.”

And while there is still not an answer for Kosovo, they will still be obliged to search for one. And to find one. Moreover, not something from thin air, but a satisfactory one.

And not only there. Here for example, is sensational news from Texas:

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“Geologists have discovered in Texas the largest U.S. oil field. The formation has on average 20 billion barrels of crude, 16 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.6 billion barrels of gas condensate,” was reported by the geological service of the USA.”

It is well-known that democracy is not going well in Texas. We ought to help them!


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