Linguistic Genocide: Kiev Moves Closer to the Final Solution

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The victory of the “revolution of dignity” did not adumbrate Ukraine anything good. It was clear from the very beginning, for all who found themselves with a healthy mind.

The farce with decommunization actually came to an end. Those who won over dignity came to the main part of the project, to the part for which all of this was started – de-Russification, which de-communization served as merely a cover for. Rotation of commercials that call for the extermination of Russian language, which invaded the national TV of Ukraine, passed the baton to the heavy artillery of linguistic genocide.

European and civilized Ukraine confirms that it is ready for the final solution of the Jewish Russian question”. If what is described below will be approved, the Russian language will add to a list of very serious offences and will not even concede the criminal attempt to overthrow the state system. “Great and powerful Russian language”, a Russian classic used to say, but even he didn’t suspect to what extent.

On 19th January, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered bill No. 5670 “On language”. Its authors propose to make the use of the Ukrainian language mandatory in all spheres of state and public life and in the media.

On January 20th, the bill was submitted for consideration to the relevant Committee of Parliament. 33 Deputies from different factions became its authors. They propose to repeal the law “On principles of state linguistic policy”.

In the text of the bill it is proposed to make the Ukrainian language mandatory for all state authorities and local self-governance. It concerns the conducting of meetings, processing of documents, appeals of citizens.

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The Ukrainian language is proposed to be made compulsory in pre-school, school, out-of-school and higher educational institutions. In schools and kindergartens it is allowed to use languages of national minorities, but in the higher educational institutions it is not provided. University education should be conducted exclusively in Ukrainian, and the presentation of one or more subjects is allowed in one of the official languages of the EU.

They also want to force all cultural events to perform only in the state language. Theatre performances in other languages should be accompanied by subtitles in the Ukrainian language.

Making movies in Ukraine is only possible in Ukrainian. Certain remarks are allowed to be included only with the availability of subtitles in Ukrainian.

It is proposed to make the Ukrainian language mandatory for all media. Programmes in other languages are to be duplicated in the Ukrainian language. The broadcaster is obliged to provide simultaneous translation into the Ukrainian language if someone of the participants speaks a different language.

It is required for electronic media to have a page in the Ukrainian language that should load as default for the user.

The Ukrainian language also is positioned as the main language of book printing and publishing. Editions in other languages may not be in more copies than in the Ukrainian language.

In the service sector (shops, restaurants, etc.) the use of the Ukrainian language is also mandatory.

For violation of the law, People’s Deputies suggest to fine equating to 200 to 400 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (3400 – 6800 UAH) when talking about the work of the official bodies and public entities; from 200 to 300 (3400-5100 UAH) non-taxable minimum in the sphere of education, science and culture; from 400 to 500 non-taxable minimum (6800-8500 UAH) for the media.

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Attempts at the “implantation in Ukraine of official multilingualism” could face criminal liability. Since this is considered as the equivalent of trying to overthrow the state system (article 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Public disrespect for the language is considered as the equivalent of desecrating state symbols of Ukraine (article 338 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Special language inspectors will monitor the implementation of the law.

Many, after reading the above, will decide to feel sorry and very much displeased. And such can be found even among those with pots on their heads (brainwashed Ukrainians – ed). But do not a hurry. The path to justice is unknowable. Remember how by the same madness of its dignity, Ukraine “regained” Crimea. But she still has a lot of things to do. It’s not in vain it was long ago observed: “if it is monuments that disturb you, language that disturbs you, public holidays that disturb you, history that disturbs you, names of cities and streets that disturb you, it means that you build your state on foreign soil”.

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