Lisichansk Residents Were Shown What the Ukrainian Army Were Using to Kill Them

NEW – July 8, 2022

Residents of Lisichansk were shown captured equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was being used to kill them

“They put their own equipment around residential buildings,” recalls a woman wrapped in a Russian tri-colour flag. “They shoot all the time, terrible bang-boom. We were afraid to put ourselves in their sight, we did not go out on the street once again. We met our defenders here and hugged them.”

“Aleksandr, I recognised you,” another resident of Lisichansk approaches me after listening to the fighter’s report on the tactical-technical characteristics of the Ukrainian T-62 tank. “I saw it on TV.”

“And what about you, did you have Russian channels here?”

“I have two satellite dishes,” he goes into a half–whisper. “354 channels. There’s nothing to watch in Ukrainian, they all show the same thing. We are used to Russian television here. Here, of course, words cannot convey what we have suffered. This must be experienced. It was very difficult. But, thank God, we survived. We are slowly coming to our senses, getting used to the silence, with the help of Russia we will live.”

Aleksandr Kots

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