The List of Ukrainian Military Victories Published By “Radio Svoboda” Turned Out to Be a Dishonest Fake

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian journalists from “Radio Svoboda” were caught in a lie in their program devoted to the top Ukrainian military victories of all time. 
The Anna News channel released a report exposing the myths of Ukrainian propaganda.

It is noteworthy that in the video of “Radio Svoboda” the capture of Constantinople by troops of Kievan Rus’, the Battle of Blue Waters, the Battle of Korsuń with the troops of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, who fought for accession to Russia, the “victorious” breakthrough of the troops of Petro Bolbochan to Crimea in 1918, as a result of which “Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet became Ukrainian”, are included as among the military victories of “Ukrainians”.

“This is a classical victory as nobody especially held onto Crimea, because according to the ‘Brest peace treaty‘ Crimea went to the Germans. They ordered Bolbochan to leave Crimea, which he did,” it is said in the investigation of Anna News.

Besides this, the defense of the tower of Donetsk airport by the Ukrainian army in 2014-15 is also written down in the list of great victories of Ukrainians.

“242 days under continuous shelling from tanks, artillery, grenade launchers. They held on — it is the concrete that didn’t. The enemy called them cyborgs. 242 days — this is how long Ukrainian soldiers held onto Donetsk airport,” say the Ukrainian propagandists pathetically.

“Well done, of course, guys, but it would be a victory if they remained there, but they left. And what kind of heroic defense is it when the besieger allow the besieged to leave for rotation,” ironically replied the investigative journalists, remembering how unarmed UAF soldiers, with their heads bowed, passed through the corridor of the militiamen.

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