The Local Authorities in Slavyansk Spoke Out Against Banderist Marches

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Processions of nationalists mainly take place in Donbass, and not in Kiev…

The city council of Slavyansk [a city in Donbass controlled by Kiev – ed] had legal proceedings against Svoboda to forbid a torchlight procession of nationalists in honor of Bandera. However, the local court didn’t see anything illegal in this event and allowed the procession to take place.

The mayor Vadim Lyakh commented on the essence of the judicial proceedings.

“Let’s analyse the situation: for every 30 native residents of our city there must be about 100 newcomers from different Ukrainian cities who will march across our city with torches. It turns out that law enforcement bodies don’t allow such actions in their cities, so they come to Slavyansk to make some noise, to wave torches — to hold this action in precisely our city. There is a question: ‘if there is a repeat of last year, who will I sue? Probably, not the organisers of the action or those who were allowed to carry out it?'” asked the mayor.

During last year’s procession there was an explosion. An explosive package was thrown by a participant of the procession, but the person who threw it wasn’t identified. In this regard the mayor of Slavyansk filed a lawsuit against the organisers of the action.

“These actions have an exclusively political character. The marches begin as a New Year’s celebration, and end in shouting and insults aimed at the local government and residents of our city,” concluded Lyakh.

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