Local Residents Added Horns and a Swastika to a Bandera Banner in the Sumy Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the city of Glukhov in the Sumy region a billboard featuring the image of the leader of OUN Stepan Bandera was drawn on.

This was reported by the vice-president of the Federation of Bodybuilding of the Sumy region Dmitry Efimenko, who posted the corresponding photo on his Facebook page.

“City of Glukhov, the Sumy region. The Hetman capital of Ukraine,” wrote Efimenko.

In the photo it is possible to see that a swastika was added to the billboard with quotes from Bandera, and horns were added to the leader of OUN.

In the comments to the post the residents of the Sumy region supported such behavior in relation to Bandera.

“We have our own heroes and people who have made investments in the region’s infrastructure. Haritonenko is an example. And what has Stepan done here in order to be placed everywhere? Let them put it in their place [Western Ukraine – ed],” advised Aleksandr Pashchenko.

“This banner was festively unveiled a week ago! All regional media wrote about it! … Oh well,” sneered Roman Zhabotinsky.

“Well what did they expect? People to bring flowers to this place on May 9th?” said a perplexed Aleksandr Goncharenko.

It should be noted that in the 18th century Glukhov was the residence of the hetmens of Left-bank Ukraine, and from 1765 to 1773 – the administrative center of the Malorossiya govornerate.

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