“How Long Will the US Last?”: Ukraine’s History Shows That It Always Places a Stake on the Loser

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Now Ukraine moves further and further away from Russia towards the West, where allegedly they wait for her with open arms. However such a union is indeed favorable only for Ukraine, that’s why there is every reason to believe that the US can sever all ties with “Independent” Ukraine at any time, when it becomes uninteresting or unprofitable for them.

According to the statement of the Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, historically it developed in such a way that Ukrainian elites that placed a stake on the creation of their own State secured the support of those external players who, as a result, came out as losers. He stated this during a press conference in Kiev.

“At the time, the malorossiyan hetman Mazepa switched to the side of the Swedish King Charles XII, who, in the end, came out as a ‘loser’, although initially it was difficult to imagine it, because at that time the Swedish monarch had only victories under his belt. The Kaiser’s Germany, whose aid the officials of the Central Rada and the UNR counted on, also came out as a loser. As a result, Petliura was obliged to then reach an agreement with Pilsudsky in order to preserve the UNR in exchange for the readiness to give away a part of the territory. In fact, at that moment a stake was placed on the loser too,” stressed Pogrebinsky.

He also added that in the middle of the 20th century fighters for Ukrainian independence again placed a stake on the losers — the Germans lost the war.

“It is some kind of tendency. Now Ukraine places a stake on the United States. It is difficult to imagine that the United States will be losers. But, by the way, with Charles XII this was difficult to imagine too, but, nevertheless, it happened. So, here everything is possible,” summed up the political scientist up.

On the Internet concerning this topic there is only one question: How long will the new union of Ukraine and the US last, especially knowing the latter’s vital policy – “it’s just business, nothing personal”.


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