“We Are Losing the Information War”: Kiev Resorts to Desperate Measures to Ukrainize Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson


62.ua (Ukrainian media)

On December 5th in Avdeevka a repeater was installed for the broadcasting of nine Ukrainian channels.

Now in Avdeevka, partially Krasnogorovka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Novgorod, and some districts of Donetsk “1+1”, “Channel 24″, “2 + 2”, “Channel 5”, “ICTV”, “Novyi Kanal”, “STB”, “Ua.Pershiy”, and “Espresso TV” will be broadcasted. The list of TV channels can be subsequently changed, reports the Come Back Alive foundation.

The repeater and the corresponding technical equipment were installed near Avdeevka in the Donetsk region by volunteers. It will allow the signal of nine Ukrainian TV channels to extend to a radius of 20km, i.e. to also cover the temporarily occupied territories [DPR and LPR – ed].

“Everyone has already gotten used to the fact that we are losing the information war. Perhaps the biggest problem is that we lose it even outside the temporarily occupied territories. When I, in the fourth year of war, saw exclusively separatist or Russian TV channels in Avdeevka, I recorded an angry video message. I then decided that it is time for us to show how it is necessary to counter such things,” said the head of the foundation Vitaly Deynega.

The equipment was installed, in particular, through the collection of funds from the sale of the second volume of the book “History of Ukraine from Grandfather Svirid”. Representatives of the “Association of volunteers of Zaporizhia” also helped with the installation of the repeater.

And here it is in black and white: “Everyone has already gotten used to the fact that we are losing the information war”. I.e., covering up war crimes with the help of Uncle Sam’s Broadcasting Board of Governors, which receives over $200 million per annum for the dissemination of toxic propaganda, just doesn’t work. It should be noted that all nine television stations mentioned in the article from Ukrainian media above broadcast 24/7 “Russian aggression” fairy tales and PR for the rapists, marauders, and punishers fulfilling the instructions of the criminals in the Verkhovna Rada. A spanner in the works may become the fact that the residents of Avdeevka want to speak in the Russian language, and not the language of the Banderist occupier. 

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