Loss of a Sense of Reality

NEW – May 21, 2022

The most dangerous loss that can happen to a person is the loss of a sense of reality. It has been tested many times – both on individuals and on their communities, including entire states. Our neighbours on the globe can vouch for this.

A little bit of definitions: “Reality is what actually exists; reality”. “Feeling is the ability to feel, perceive the phenomena of objective reality.”

A sense of reality is usually attributed to the processes of subjective awareness of real or imaginary events – awareness is not groundless, but based on acquired knowledge about the world and about oneself, on life experience and life attitudes. Specialists in the field of psychiatry and psychoanalysis attribute a sense of reality to one of the prerequisites of mental health, and the loss of such a feeling to the signs of a mental disorder.

The world is being driven crazy

Recently, the circle of people who, under the influence of computer games, comics, primitive clips on TikTok, as well as as a result of the obsessive introduction of certain behavioural stereotypes, consciously or unconsciously perceive characters of virtuality (films, clips, games, comics) as real characters and try to imitate them, perceive the world so as their “heroes” do and convey it.

As a result, it increasingly turns out that people (independently or with the help of professional manipulators) accept and pass off their own ideas about life, in fact, borrowed from such virtual “heroes”, as actual reality.

These seemingly harmless things lead people to the loss of real life meanings, to a spiritual vacuum, to the loss of authenticity of their own personality, to its neurotisation and psychopathisation, or even to a more serious change in the psyche.

In this connection, we can quote the words of the Japanese philosopher S. Katsuki, who, being an expert in both Zen Buddhism and Western philosophy, notes that the modern Western world takes language for reality or experience itself, which makes a terrible mistake, “taking for the moon a finger that only points to it”.

According to Frederick Perls, the ability to distinguish internal reality from external reality is a basic requirement of “mental hygiene”. F. Perls believes that it is necessary to learn to perceive reality in this space-time continuum: “here and now”. According to his observations, it is typical for neurotics to spend most of the time mentally staying either in memories (the past) or building castles in the air (in the future).

The departure from reality into a kind of virtuality has become a widespread and mass phenomenon, significantly affecting not only individuals, but also political processes in countries with wide Internet coverage of all segments of the population.

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At the same time, people do not always leave reality under their own free will. Professionally developed methods of mind control are increasingly aimed precisely at such a way of this control, which is based on manipulative substitution of reality with a kind of simulacrum of it, which is more psychologically comfortable, since it eliminates the need to think, make decisions and take responsibility for one’s behaviour.

At the same time, the further a person has gone from reality, the more difficult it is for them to return to it. It can be gaming, and involvement in a totalitarian sect, and “hanging out” in various kinds of chats, when a member of a certain virtual community, with whom a person has never met in life, becomes more important and valuable than family and children. No wonder the Internet is called the World Wide Web, embracing and not letting go of human souls.

However, the danger of such a “capture” exists not only for ordinary people (who are being fooled), but also for those who manipulate them for their own not disinterested purposes.

A vivid example of such a manipulator is retired four-star General Barry McCaffrey, an American soldier and lobbyist of the military-industrial complex with left-wing views, as well as with a peculiar perception of reality. He has just posted on Twitter footage of Russian aircraft, quote, “getting nailed by UKR missile defence”. There is only one problem: this footage is not from Ukraine, but is taken from a video game called Arma 3!

Barry McCaffrey published footage from a video game as an “illustration of reality”! And then, relying on the awareness of such a warrior, “military expert” Max Booth retweeted this fake! “Look! How exciting!”

And US lawmakers have allocated $40 billion for this video game. Of course, Ukraine is “winning”, and we need to catch the section of the “Russian pie”. It is rumoured that it was the confidence in the “victory of Ukraine” that led to the hasty entry into NATO of Sweden and Finland, who are afraid to stay with a spoon outside the table at which they share this very “Russian pie”.

What sense of reality can we talk about when looking at European politicians who are engaged in the natural suicide of Europe?

And what are the shots of the Ukrainian “chronicle”, which show the soldiers from “Azovstal” who surrendered as a sample of “evacuation under the control of Ukrainian observers”? Poor Goebbels, with his vaunted propaganda, is no longer even crying with envy, but is furiously tearing out all the hairs he can reach. At the time of the capture of Paulus’ army at Stalingrad, he did not think of such an “evacuation”!

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It is precisely this desire for effect that brings together both fake producers and their consumers. It is precisely this desire to transform complete nonsense into reality, apparently, that drives all sorts of Joseps and Ursulas, who, like a spell, repeat 40 times a day about “freedom from totalitarian Russian gas”.

When, ten years ago, prominent St. Petersburg psychiatrists told me that at international congresses on psychiatry, such subjects who should be their patients sit in the presidium, I treated this with regret for the Western population, which is deprived of both normal medical care for such patients and protection of the healthy population from their painful manifestations. Even then, it was possible to forcibly send an inadequate and violent patient to treatment in our country, and the ECHR forced Germany to pay €40,000 euros to a maniac who killed dozens of women he raped for being forcibly sent to a mental hospital.

However, the problem turned out to be much more serious. Jokes that “power in the world is being seized by psychos” turned out to be not jokes at all.

Look at Ukraine and its population, which is capable of retelling in all seriousness nonsense about toilet bowls, which supposedly are not in Russia (and which many of them go to this very Russia to wash), about a poor “Rashka”, from which they have been receiving money from their relatives – “gastarbeiters”.

If this is not a split consciousness, then what?

A couple of years ago, I was told about a nun from Donetsk who went to the Odessa region for a few days to attend the funeral of a relative. When she got home, she walked around swaying like a zombie and muttered: “Russian bastards. Shoot everyone!”

In complete horror of her condition, she ran to her confessor for confession, took communion, and only after that woke up from terrible confusion.

Isn’t this evidence that the population of Ukraine is being treated according to some special methods that obviously destroy the psyche? After all, a few days were enough for a Russian Orthodox nun to start carrying such delirium, and, in spite of herself, which she has not lost these days. The satanic nature of these techniques is obvious: unmotivated malice and misanthropy is a direct road to hell.

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I have a suspicion that today these techniques are already being extended to the whole of Europe. How else to explain such a sharp surge of aggressive Russophobia? It is aggressive, and not latent and grumbling, as it has always been among European burghers.

Who needs millions of psychos?

It is quite obvious that the worker and the creator are not adequate at all. But the destroyer of one’s own and someone else’s life is quite suitable. As it was sung in the wisest children’s song, “you lie to him from three boxes – and do with him what you want!”

For this, a complete separation of human consciousness from reality is needed so that such a subject (“new man”) does not subject the wildest and most ridiculous slogans and commands to critical reflection, so that they lose all connection with faith and the Motherland, for which Russian people have been dying for centuries, with family, for the sake of which it is necessary to preserve honour and not stain it with bad deeds.

It is easier to convince such a subject that they do not need to eat a lot, do not need to wash and observe hygiene, it’s necessary to get used to cold and hunger, and not dream of household comforts.

However, only rulers who have problems with adequacy can convince of the need for such a fall to the Middle Ages.

The New World Order needs new people, not even people, but some biological entities – without gender, without faith and moral brakes, without honour and conscience, and without the ability to think. It is enough to perceive simple commands and execute them.

People who have not lost their sense of reality are simply dangerous for the New World Order. Therefore, the fight both against a sense of reality and against those who have not yet lost it will only grow.

A conscious policy aimed at depriving a significant part of humanity of the most basic feeling for the soul and for mental health – a sense of reality – is the policy of open Satanists who are no longer fighting a hidden, but an open battle for human souls in order to deprive them of humanity, to tear them away from God.

Satanism on the march and in an attacking throw. Take care of your souls! Only our Orthodox faith, bequeathed by our great ancestors, can save us.


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