Love Thy Migrant: Oxytocin as a Tool of Societal Conditioning

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The press speaks about only one hormone, about only one single kind of utilisation, and about only one single method of diffusion… What the press reveals is a tree that hides the forest. The dimension of the manipulation of human beings is considerable. This is a danger for humans and humanity. Researchers united to use the hormone of “love” on populations in order to lead their tastes and re-educate them according to desired politics: oxytocin. Information was released in the English and German media. It can be read as: “the aim of the use of oxytocin is to compel the population to love, to help migrants”. So, the international authorities use chemistry, biology, hormones to manipulate en masse the thoughts and acts of citizens. Oxytocin is also used by organizations of “Jugendamt” to capture children caught in violence towards their parents ! Beyond that, various manipulatory uses can be applied to guide the choices of citizens and terrorists…? The will to compel the population to love migrants via the use of oxytocin is official information in the media in any case. Did we also find an explanation about the elections in France for Macron? Anyway, this information can make us reflect if we have not already been sprayed by oxytocin!

Manipulation of the masses

The information is daunting. Individuals are puppets remote-controlled by the use of a hormone that is sprayed on them. The chief of the study is the German professor Rene Hurlemann of the psychiatric clinic in Bonn. Rene Hurlemann explains: “For us it was very important to find out how it works under neurobiological aspects. I believe that this behavior is very important vis-à-vis migrants – to find solutions to integrate the migrants among us. For this reason, I consider this research with oxytocin as a fundamental question.”

Oxytocin gives the order to love and help

The information appeared in simple articles in the anglosaxon media, such as The Sun, der WDR. The German press orients the content of the article on the use of the hormone oxytocin in the fight against the “Nazis”… to change the social behavior of people. In fact, the authorities can use oxytocin, if this hasn’t already been applied for years – as well as for direct elections, to force citizens who do not want migrants to want even more migrants in their country and to want to give donations and their time to migrants. According to the German press, oxytocin would be used as a spray on the human target, which is, at least, already written and said.

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Oxytocin – a hormone that has been of interest to the “Jugendamt” for years

Contrary to what the German media want us to believe, oxytocin has been used also for a long time by organizations that work with the Jugendamt in order to capture children from their parents. The use of this hormone in the manipulation of individuals is not new. This is “Bindungstheorie” – the theory of the link that has been scientifically studied for years in Germany, in particular, by Dr. Karl Heinz Brisch, head of a clinic for babies and children, from Munich, who boasts in his videos to be a protector of families and children. Brisch is also working with international researchers, including Americans. Oxytocin can make a child or baby stolen by the Jugendamt believe that their mother is their foster mother selected by the “Jugendamt”. Thus, a child stolen from a parent or parents, who will be presented before a judge to hear their views on their new life, will automatically refuse their biological mother for the benefit of the mother of the “Jugendamt”. It should be noted that the German courts even listen to a one-year-old child in order to know their view! What to say…!

Oxytocin is also in water, food, and air?

The media revealed the use of this hormone by spray. The question is whether the authorities put oxytocin also in wine, beer, bread, flour… food or in the water… to guide the choices of the population for elections, for example, beyond forcing them to love migrants, as it is written in the press. And what about the application made by airplanes? What do we have… also oxytocin to force people to love the political ideologies of the new world order? What to say about this latest law that requires children to be vaccinated?

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