LPR Commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the Feat of Soviet Commander Yeremenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Commemorative events devoted to the 75th anniversary of the feat of the legendary “Combat” — the junior politruk Aleksey Yeremenko, took place in the Slavyanoserbsk district.

The junior politruk of the 220th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division of the 18th army Aleksey Gordeevich Yeremenko was killed on July 12th, 1942, in battle at the village Khoroshe. The photo of the commander of Red Army lifting fighters for an attack, which was made by the front correspondent Max Alpert, spread around the whole world, and under the name “Combat” became a symbol of military courage, valor, and bravery of the Soviet people-liberators. In May, 1980, in honor of Yeremenko’s feat a monument was established at the entrance of Slavyanoserbsk.

Early in the morning in the square of heroes of the Great Patriotic War in Slavyanoserbsk there was a solemn meeting-requiem, in which locals, veterans, heads of the city and regional administrations of the LPR, and the artistic collectives of the Republic participated.

After the meeting the participants laid flowers at the “Combat” monument located on the T-1303 highway Lugansk-Lysychansk, known as Bakhmut, four kilometers from the contact line with the Kiev troops.

Activists of the youth council, acting under the administration of the Slavyanoserbsk district, put at the base of the monument a capsule with a message for future generations.



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