LPR Intelligence Discovered a Specialised NATO Unit at the Front Line

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The intelligence of the LPR found a NATO unit in the occupied Stanitsa Luganskaya district. This was stated at a briefing in Lugansk on July 20th by the acting head of department of the people’s militia of the LPR Colonel Mikhail Filiponenko.


“We have established that the base is located near the village of Aleksandrovka of the Stanitsa Luganskaya district in the forest area. A well prepared and technically equipped NATO unit was deployed there,” he said.

“Western instructors train the UAF in real situations, using the positions of Nazi battalions and their own troops as enemy targets. At the same time, such raids and ambushes are used to blame the people’s militia of violating the ‘grain truce’,” noted the representative of the LPR Defense Ministry.

“The intensity that foreign experts visit military facilities demonstrates that western countries actively use Ukraine as a training ground for the approbation of promising methods of carrying out combat operations and testing new samples of weapons and military equipment,” he stressed.

The colonel also reported that “almost a whole platoon of foreign fighters” from the countries of the Baltics and Eastern Europe was deployed near Svetlodarsk.

Filiponenko reminded that NATO instructors carry out the training of UAF snipers, who subsequently will be sent to the zone of the so-calledOperation of United Forces (“OUF”).

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