LPR Intercepted UAF UAV Flying to Lugansk for Acts of Terrorism

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The LPR militia intercepted a Ukrainian military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which was planned to be used for terrorist attacks in Lugansk. This was reported today at the briefing by the official representative of the defense Ministry LPR Major Andrei Marochko.

“We identified instances of a Ukrainian UAV flying on routes that are used by unmanned tools of the OSCE, thereby endangering the safety of the UAV flight mission,” he said.

“One such UAV of the UAF was forcibly downed by soldiers of the people’s LPR militia near the settlement of Debaltsevo,” said the representative of the Defense Ministry of the Republic.

“After research it was established that the drone was equipped with homemade weapons that would be used to carry out provocations on the LPR territory,” said Marochko.

“After its neutralisation by the engineers of the people’s LPR militia, as well as the study of its trajectory and payload, it was determined that the air vehicle was heading towards the city of Lugansk for a terrorist act,” he said.

“According to our data, the Ukrainian drone was supposed to target a civilian object or a mass congregation of citizens on the territory of Lugansk,” added the major.

“According to experts, the projectile itself consisted of a modernized plastic explosive, a homemade pressure detonator using a IDP-R fuse, a “Krona” battery, and a striking element, which is in the body of the UAV. The power of this explosive device is about 3 kg in a trotyl equivalent,” said Marochko.

“Only thanks to the skillful actions of servicemen of the people’s militia was the attack prevented and victims among the civilian population of Lugansk was avoided,” said the representative of the LPR Defense Ministry.

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