LPR Military Expert Andrey Marochko: The SBU Has Always Been Involved in Blowing Things up in the LPR

On September 19th Lugansk reported about a terrorist attack on the overpass that cars carrying humanitarian aid from Russia travel across. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the LPR Igor Kornet, three bridge support columns around the Lesotorgovsky warehouse were blown up. At the same time, the columns survived the explosion and the bridge didn’t collapse.

“An act of terrorism was committed at the intersection of Lutuginskaya Street and 2nd Stroitelnaya Street — an overpass that has important social value, grain products are transported across it,” said the minister.

The Lugansk military expert and Major Andrey Marochko commented to the ukraina.ru agency concerning the situation with security in the LPR.

Andrey, who, in your opinion, could’ve committed this terrorist attack? To what extent is the LPR protected against such actions?

“Specialists are currently at work. In principle, only specialists can draw some conclusions. In the LPR we have very good specialists, and I am sure that they will find the guilty persons, and they will incur their deserved punishment according to the legislation of the LPR.”

Well, do you have an idea of who could’ve done it?

“Just recently the LPR Ministry of State Security detained one person who was involved in blowing up a number of monuments in the republic. This arrest played a key role, and the Ukrainian special services decided to offer a reminder of their existence.

Or this terrorist attack was dated for the arrival of a humanitarian convoy, which was supposed to pass here along this bridge.

There are a lot of possibilities, but I don’t have a key one yet, I don’t have enough information.”

Humanitarian convoys still come to the LPR? What do they deliver to you?

“Yes, today early in the morning another humanitarian convoy from the Russian Federation came.”

You spoke about someone who blew up monuments who was detained by the LPR Ministry of State Security. What kind of person are they?

“On the territory of the LPR there were many such cases — and in the center of Lugansk, near a playground, the monument ‘They defended the Motherland’ and the BMD that was devoted to paratroopers were blown up. Generally, we’ve had many of such cases.

A Lugansk resident who has a mental illness blew up monuments. The SBU exploited this and force him to be transported from the territory of the LPR occupied by Ukraine to the republic.”

And what motivated this saboteur?

“He was enlisted by the Ukrainian special services under the fear that he won’t be let into Stanitsa Luganskaya to receive his pension, and he is a disabled person, he has a mental illness. The special services used him, having put him under pressure. They said: if you don’t do what we tell you, then we will block you from coming here. In general, he was recruited through blackmail and intimidation.”

Are the special services of the LPR capable of preventing such attacks?

“Good specialists work in the LPR special services, and this allows to say that the person responsible for today’s explosion will incur their deserved punishment. Those who carried out similar acts in the past were detained, and the special services of Ukraine confirmed that they were their people.”

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