LPR Named the Perpetrators of the Blowing up of a OSCE Vehicle

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Earlier the People’s militia of the self-proclaimed LPR carried out a technical investigation of the area at the place where the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) was blown up.

Today it became known that 500–700 meters from the place of the explosion of the vehicle with OSCE observers inside near Lugansk the so-called den of organized Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group was found. This was stated by the head of the investigative department of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of the LPR Aleksandr Aleksandrov.

“On the basis of the found evidence and the nature of the actions it is established that the sabotage group consisted of three people. The leader of the group is the Major Goludzyak Sergey Vyacheslavovich from the structure of the 8th regiment of special operations forces of the UAF (the commander of the regiment is Lieutenant-Colonel Kovalchuk Evgeny Olegovich),” said Aleksander Alexandrov.

As a reminder, yesterday near Lugansk the vehicle in which there were several OSCE representatives was blown up. As a result a British citizen died.

Earlier, Life posted a video of the blown-up and burned out car. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in turn, called the event a provocation.

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