LPR: New Details Emerge About the UAF’s Catastrophic Breakthrough Attempt near Frunze

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The command of the “ATO” included a soldier who didn’t die as a result of military operations in the list of the number of losses suffered  in the attempt to breakthrough to the territory of the Republic near the urban-type settlement of Frunze. This was reported by the official representative of the people’s militia of the LPR Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

Three UAF saboteurs died and two were wounded in an attempt to penetrate to the positions of the people’s militia near the urban-type settlement of Frunze in order to commit provocations. Representatives of the people’s militia and the organisation Veterans-“Afghans” handed over the bodies of the dead on November 25th to representatives of the Ukrainian volunteer organisations.

“A number of Ukrainian media outlets, with reference to the press center of the headquarters of the ‘ATO’, listed the surnames of the military personnel who died in Krymsky (a district of Frunze), among which the surname of a certain junior-sergeant Denis Krivenko was sounded. However, I want to officially declare that yesterday, during the transfer of the bodies to the Ukrainian side, there was no military serviceman with such data,” said Marochko.

“This means that the Ukrainian command tries to write off another non-combat loss in the ranks of the 58th separate motor-infantry brigade as a death during clashes,” stressed the Lieutenant-Colonel.

He added that, despite the failed operation to breakthrough to the territory of the LPR, the Ukrainian saboteur-reconnasince group, the commander of the 58th brigade, who was a part of the saboteurs, was awarded with a personalised weapon.

“Yesterday units of the 58th separate motor-infantry brigade were visited by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, and he awarded the commander of the brigade Lieutenant-Colonel Mikhail Drapatiy with a personalised weapon for the mediocrely  planned breakthrough attempt to our positions, during which the UAF incurred one of the most serious losses in recent times,” said the official representative of the people’s militia of the LPR.

“This fact was confirmed even by the adviser to minister Poltorak Yury Biryukov – who isn’t related to military service, who wrote on his ‘Facebook’ page that he has no words besides profanity. He blamed the commander of the unit of the 16th detached motor-infantry battalion of the 58th brigade for the incident,” added Marochko.

“and it wasn’t a raid. I have no words for this story, besides profanity,” wrote the adviser on Facebook, answering the questions of users.

Biryukov noted that the “raid” is an initiative of the “commander of the brigade, who saw too many reports about the cleansing of two villages in the grey zone of the Svetlodarsk arc”.

“He wanted glory. And they rushed forward. It is the organiser himself who was the first to die. And he caused others to die. Nobody yet understands why they rushed forward there,” he said.

Earlier the LPR reported that a group of Ukrainian soldiers tried to breakthrough to the positions of the militia at the contact line in Donbass. This led to armed clashes, as a result of which three Ukrainian soldiers perished, and two were wounded. Later one more wounded soldier was found by the militia near the area of the incident and was sent to hospital.

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Later the representative of the Defense Ministry of LPR Andrey Marochko has told about plans of the Ukrainian saboteurs.

“Weapons, equipment, and the presence of civilian clothes demonstrated that the purpose of the sabotage group was to capture our positions and to penetrate deep into the territory of the republic using some of its personnel.”

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