LPR Police Detained Those Who Are Involved in the Murder of Colonel Anashchenko

Translated by Nikita Che



The police of the Lugansk People’s Republic have uncovered the murder of Colonel Oleg Anaschenko, the chief of LPR People’s Militia Office, reports the Interior Minister, Igor Kornet, on March 10th.

“During the course of the investigation, Interior Ministry officers, without delay, discovered and detained those who participated in that terrorist act,” he said.

“They are all servicemen of the UAF Special Forces, who were sent into Lugansk to commit terrorist acts planned by the Ukraine SBU. The Minister added that the police have also revealed two weapon caches while investigating the case.

“The number of arms and special weaponry, along with equipment, proves that it was not the only planned terrorist act to be committed by the Ukraine secret services in our free republics,” he stated.

“Thus, due to the professional actions of the police, a larger tragedy was prevented: at the assassination scene, another explosive shrapnel device with the equivalent of 1.5 kg TNT was found, too. The terrorists waited for a crowd to gather after the first explosion. Luckily, the device was detected in time and was defused.”

Colonel Oleg Anashchenko, chief of LPR People’s Militia Office, was assassinated in a car explosion in the city of Lugansk on 4th of February, 2017.

Below is a video from the crime scene that was found on the phone of one of those who was detained.

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