LPR Special Services Arrest Fans Of “FC Zarya” Who Worked for UAF Reconnaissance

Translated by Ollie Richardson



According to the Ministry of State Security, Ukrainian intelligence agents recruited teenagers through social networks and gave them sabotage missions.

The Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic revealed a whole group of fan-neo-Nazis, who were ready to fulfil the tasks of military intelligence of Ukraine. According to the statement of the State Security, we are talking about an organization of fans of FC Zarya “Black-White Ultras”.

Videos were published of one of the ultras being searched. Intelligence officers found “Azov” symbols, pro-Ukrainian leaflets, and smoke bombs.



“It is established that the recruitment of leaders and members of informal associations of fans of the Lugansk football club Zarya “Black-White Ultras” is carried out through social networks by representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. For sabotage and intelligence work the secret services use teenagers, who are tasked with committing destructive actions and the gathering of intelligence that is a state secret,” declared the Ministry.

According to special services of the LPR, the number in the group of neo-Nazis is up to 32 people. The role of each of them had already been established. The  Ministry of State Security reported that the fans receive money for subversive activities through the sale of merchandise.

“For the citizens of Ukraine and Republics of Donbass it is time to reject illusions about Ukrainian patriotic activists, operating in the strength of their ideological beliefs. They are all under the hood of the secret services using the ideology of neo-Nazism and right-wing radicalism to strengthen the totalitarian regime established after the Kiev Maidan,” concluded the Ministry of State Security of the LPR.

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