Lugansk Militia Does Not Respond to Kiev’s Provocations

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Soldiers of the LPR militia on duty on the contact line, “resist to answer, grinding our teeth”, but do not open fire in response to the provocations of the enemy. This was stated by the soldiers of the Republic on the front lines together with the head of Department of the LPR militia Colonel Oleg Anashchenko.

Anashchenko visited the position in connection with the recent increase in shelling of positions of the militia by Kiev’s army.

One of the commanders reported to the head of Department that Kiev punishers carries out armed provocations almost daily, and at the same time uses mortars and weapons from armored vehicles.

“We do not react to provocations of the enemy. Any enemy’s  attempt to break will be stopped the hard way. The personal staff of the People’s militia carries out service on the key points of the contact line,” said the officer.

The commander of one of the checkpoints spoke about the unit’s everyday life of the fighting.

“Every day in the vicinity at 20.00-21.00 heavy fire from the enemy starts. This is from IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicles), and SPG-9 (easel anti-tank grenade launcher ) anti-aircraft gun. Our people are young. they want to answer. But in view of the fact that it’s an order, that it is the Minsk agreement – we resist to answer, grinding our teeth. We don’t return fire,” he affirmed.

“The morale of our fighters is very high, we would gladly punish Kiev’s fighters for provocations, but it is forbidden,” stressed the commander.

He noted that directly next to the fighting positions they succeeded to create good living conditions for soldiers of the people’s militia.

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“Here we really have a “pioneers camp” [soviet times – ed]. Our soldiers, even when it comes to rotations, don’t want to leave. They ask to stay on the second military alert. Because in the resting quarters good living conditions for the people were created. The food is wonderful, chefs are great. The people are content,” said the officer.

Anashchenko noted that the full equipped resting quarters are the pride of the people’s militia.

“The rest area is equipped in engineering terms, and the soldiers on resting shifts after returning from positions have decent living conditions. Places for cooking, storage of arms, bunkers, and places of recreation were created. All the conditions of good living for our personnel militia are equipped,” said the head of Department.

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