Lukashenko Promised Not to Allow the Creation of the Foundations for a “Maidan” in Belarus

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the foundations for carrying out a “Maidan” won’t be created in the country as long as he is President. The Belarusian leader stated this in his message to the people and the National assembly.

Lukashenko noted that the issue of possibly updating the Constitution of Belarus is constantly discussed in the media and also statements that he may appoint a referendum on making changes to its norms.

“I never acted unfairly to our people. And I never will do this. I know from where I came and how I won the presidential elections. I promise: I will never break my oath, no matter what it costs, because it will be like in Armenia yesterday,” reported BELTA, citing the words of the Belarusian president.

He also said that one shouldn’t expect the foundations for “maidans” and “maidaned people” to be created if changes to the Constitution are made.

“This won’t happen in the country while I am the President,” said Lukashenko.

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