Lukashenko Was Added To Ukraine’s “Mirotvorets” Database

The president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko was added to the database of the Ukrainian website Mirotvorets.

The description describes the head of state as “an accomplice of terrorists and Russian occupiers”.

It is also indicated that the Belarusian leader refused to hand over to Kiev the detained Russians who allegedly committed war crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

Another reason for inclusion in the database was an interview with former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in which he said that Lukashenko told him about plans to become President of a united Belarus and Ukraine in 2014. In “Mirotvorets”, this was regarded as an attack on Ukrainian sovereignty.

Earlier, Lukashenko accused Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania of interfering in the Affairs of Belarus. According to him, these countries manage the protests that started after the presidential election.
In response to this statement, Kiev urged the Belarusian leader “not to look for enemies where there are none”.

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