Lvov Celebrated the 77th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the “Ukrainian State” by Glorifying Banderists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Lvov, like 77 years ago when the Nachtigall battalion led by Roman Shukhevych entered the city, the act of the declaration of the Ukrainian state was solemnly read out at “Rynok” Square near the house of the “Prosvita” society. This was reported by the local “Vgolos” publication.

At the place of the event a big portrait of Stepan Bandera was established, participants of the meeting brought the Ukrainian and Banderist flags, and many were dressed in the uniform of nationalists from OUN.

“By the will of the Ukrainian people, the Organisation of Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera proclaims the creation of the Ukrainian State for which the whole generations of the best sons of Ukraine give their lives.

The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists – which, under the leadership of its creator and the leader Evgeny Konovalets, carried out a persistent fight for freedom in the last decades of bloody Moscow and Bolshevist enslavement – urges all Ukrainian people not to lay down their weapons until a Sovereign Ukrainian Power is created on all Ukrainian lands…,” said the elderly “activist”, solemnly read the text of the known document.

At the same time the speaker missed the third paragraph of the act where it is said that “reviving the Ukrainian State will closely interact with National Socialist Great Germany, which, under the leadership of its Leader Adolf Hitler, creates a new order in Europe and in the world, and helps the Ukrainian people to be freed from Moscow occupation”.

At the same time it’s unlikely that the name of the Fuhrer wasn’t mentioned due to a lack of actuality, because the words of the fourth point about a union from with German army were solemnly read.

“The revolutionary army that is being created on the Ukrainian land will fight further together with the allied German army against the Moscow occupation for the Sovereign Conciliar State and a new order around the world.

Long live the Sovereign Conciliar Ukrainian State! Glory to Ukraine!” proclaimed the speaker.

Also, the participants of the event sang the Ukrainian anthem and sang patriotic songs together.

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