Irony: Lvov-Moscow Train to “Aggressor Country” Crowded with Commuters

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Lvov-Moscow train is very popular, despite the war in Donbass.

This was reported by a journalist from

“The Lvov-Moscow train is really popular. Just in August 2016, 12,847 people – that is, filling 100% of the total seats on the train – used this route. 9 carts go to Moscow with a total of 416 seats,” he writes.

According to the publication, Ukrainians are now among the countries that often cross the border with Russia.

The eastern regional administration of  the State Border Service of Ukraine reported that during the year 2,780,770 Ukrainians crossed the border. The Interior Ministry said in the media that now more than 4 million Ukrainians are in Russia!” said the journalist.

He stated that most Ukrainians come to Russia to work. On average, Ukrainians earn $450-500 for construction work in Moscow. Poland also has similar salaries. However, the “guest workers”, who prefer Russia, say that they used to have to go there. At the same time, in Poland they need to get a visa.

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