Lvov Nazi Oleg Sinyutka Called to Repeat the Odessa Massacre Across All of Ukraine

Ukrainians should first of all engage not in “war” against Russia, but bring order to their country and overcome prosperous corruption, which is the root of all “unbalanced” problems.

This was announced on the air of the talk show “The Great Lvov Speaks” by the deputy of Odessa Regional Council Roman Senik.

“When we say what our common trouble is – I believe it’s the only one – it’s corruption. Because it kills our army, our economy, and hits every one of us.

When it came to corruption, and especially Svinarchuk, who the whole country knows, to this day we didn’t solve this and didn’t put in prison those who plundered our soldiers – this is the most important thing. Because each of us from our pocket gave a military tax for our guys to stand there with confidence. And some people who were sitting in big offices were robbing these guys.

I also cannot answer what to do with Russia and its interference in Ukraine’s political and geopolitical situation. But we need to start, first of all, with our enemies, who sit in the offices, rob each of us, and thus rob the country,” urged the deputy.

After that, former Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and member of “SvobodaRuslan Koshulinsky declared that Roman Senik is not a “true” Ukrainian, because there was not enough Russophobia in his speech.

“He didn’t say Russia was the enemy, did he? He didn’t say it, oh, he didn’t say it! In fact, they run from the basic ‘friend-foe’ – who we are, Ukrainians, what our values are, who our own are, and who is alien. What values we will stand on together, and fight together against the enemy. Who is the enemy and who is not,” resented the radical.

In turn, the former head of the Lvov Regional State Administration Oleg Sinyutka was pleased with the successful Ukrainisation of Odessa and promised to repeat the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions should there be the possibility of a repetition of “pro-Russian revenge”.

“Dear Lvov residents present in the studio – let’s thank Odessa residents for their Ukrainian (language – ed), let’s applaud. Because this is the victory of all Ukrainians, and our victory, and let’s not sprinkle our heads with ash.

Two army corps exercises are held on the territory of the occupied so-called LPR and DPR. And I think that these exercises are carried out in order to realise the long-standing dream of the aggressor – to break through the corridor on the coast of the Black Sea by land, and to come back to Transnistria, where today a separate Russian army is based.

It will be an extremely big challenge, and not only for Odessa residents, but also for us, Lvov residents. And if, heaven forbid, this happens, I know exactly that both Lvov and Odessa citizens will defend Ukraine. And today we need to do everything, if this happens, to repeat the events of May 2014, when Odessa residents did not give an opportunity in Odessa to do something like the fake LPR and DPR,” stated the Nazi.

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