Lvov “OUN” Members Mourn the Death of a Veteran of the SS “Galicia” Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Lvov region a veteran of the SS Galicia division who was highly respected by the local neo-Nazis has died. 
This was reported on the Facebook group of the “OUN” voluntary battalion.

“Today, in the 98th year of his life the veteran of the ‘Galicia’ division and head of the Drogobych stanitsa of the Galician Brotherhood Roman Klimchak departed to another world.

Sir Roman was born on 17.93.1921 in Boryslav. In 1943 he entered the ‘Galicia’ division. He was trained in Heidelager and Neuhammer. As a part of the 6th sotnia of the 29th regiment he was involved in fighting near Brody as a machine gunner, where he was taken prisoner. He served a sentence in Stalinogorsk. In a mine he received a severe leg injury, and as a disabled person he was released. He lived in the city of Boryslav.

Rest in peace, warrior. You will forever remain in our memory,” it is said in the statement.

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