Macron Launched Tear Gas at Protesting Fairground Workers in Le Mans

Alongside the Yellow Vests, the approximately 20,000 families working in the fairground sphere in France are also unleashing their anger at the repressive policies of the Macron regime. They want the law relating to the safety of amusement rides to be repealed and the EU directive that subjects each location of rides in towns and villages in France to a call for tenders to be cancelled. They regularly carry out “snail operations”, which consists of blocking highways with their trucks to cause as much disruption as possible.

On March 22nd the fairground and circus performers of Le Mans, who are protesting against the refusal of the municipality to organise the carnival downtown, staged their fourth consecutive day of mobilisation in protest against the refusal of the municipality to organise the carnival downtown. The Police of Sarthe announced that a snail operation “with a procession of fairgrounds is underway on the ring road at the Boulevard Pierre Brossolette towards Alençon”.

At Place des Jacobins, a hundred demonstrators walked to the town hall of Le Mans, but mobile gendarmes blocked their access. After this the staff of the town hall were evacuated.

The vice-president of the trade union “Cidunati artisans de la fête” took the floor to ask the demonstrators to “stay in front of the gendarmes. We’ve got 80 men on the way, equipped head to toe, and our wives are going to get us some gear. Afterwards, we push and we enter the town hall by force”. The protesters came to the mobile gendarmes with tyres and pallets and threw projectiles. The mobile gendarmes then threw tear gas grenades to disperse the protesters.

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The carnival retaliated by launching fireworks in the direction of the police.

The fairgrounders tried to go to Saint-Pierre Square where the town hall is. They were repulsed by mobile gendarmes and tear gas grenades. The fairgrounders threw eggs at the gendarmes.

A tyre fire was then lit, and protesters started breaking street furniture.

It was confirmed that that the police did use flash balls against the protestors, which resulted in six wounded persons and one broken hand. Three mobile gendarmes and one police officer were injured.

After this the fire in the middle of the roundabout of Place des Jacobins, located at the top of the tunnel, was reignited.

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