Maidan Participant Revealed the Presence of NATO Instructors on Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Activists of Maidan were trained in tactics of urban combat by NATO instructors. This was stated by the participant of Maidan Vladislav Chubur on the air of the “Process” program on the Zvezda TV channel.

“I saw NATO instructors in the Trade Unions Building on the fifth floor on Maidan, at the beginning of Maidan [in Kiev – ed]. I visited them as an independent journalist, by the nature of my activity I communicated with youth political organizations before Maidan, which then rolled down from nationalism to Nazism, I was accepted in their circle, and I communicated with the guys. After the first provocations, after blood near the Presidential Administration, I noticed NATO instructors, i.e. English-speaking people. I asked the guys: ‘And who are they?’ They answered that they came from NATO,” stated Chubur.

According to him, instructors of NATO were dressed in civilian clothes, however their military stature was visible. Chubur added that, having been trained by NATO instructors, activists in turn directed the blockade in Odessa.

“And in Odessa I later saw those people who earlier communicated with NATO instructors, and at this time they already were directing the blockade, arranged provocations, threw molotov cocktails. It was the NATO school,” added the participant of Maidan.

He explained that foreign experts trained activists in tactics of urban fighting, and showed how to hide themselves and how to construct obstacles.

In Odessa, on May 2nd, 2014, there were collisions between activists of Anti-Maidan on the one hand and radicals on the other hand. Later, the collisions moved to Kulikovo Field – the fighting ended with the destruction of the tent town and the arson of the House of Trade Unions Building.

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