Maimed Children of Donbass

NEW – May 28, 2022

Nazi Ukraine is living out its last days. But even in agony, it continues to kill and maim peaceful people. Children become victims of the Kiev regime. If they are lucky, they manage to be taken to hospitals with burns, injuries and shrapnel wounds. Doctors are doing everything to save their newly started lives.

“When it got into the house, everything began to fall, there was dust. We ran to another house, I went to drink water, and then that’s all – I don’t remember anything further. It’s hazy,” says a little patient of the DPR Republican Trauma Center named Artyom. “I didn’t even hear the shot. It’s just hazy – that’s all. And then I’m in the hospital.”

According to Andrey Boryak, head of the neurosurgical department No. 2 of the trauma centre, many of the wounded, including children, were in basements for a long time, often without any medical assistance. As the territory is liberated, they are taken to doctors – often in a serious condition, with dehydration, with wound infection.

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