The Main Looters of Ukraine Have Already Fled

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Titanic “Ukraine” is sinking.

First class passengers are already in the lifeboats.

The rest listen to the speech of the captain about the benefits of icebergs…

An experienced boatswain always watches the behavior of rats on the ship. And if they flee, the ship is likely to sink.

Well-informed first class passengers and officers of the ship “Ukraine” are not just sitting in the lifeboats, half of them have already sailed away, and the others hastily load the remains of what was stolen that they still haven’t managed to withdraw from the country.

How is it possible to be so blind that it cannot be seen? I don’t know.

“The first patriot of Ukraine” according to Maidan members’ version, Kolomoisky, withdrew all his liquid assets out of Ukraine, refused governorship, and fled to Switzerland.

“The best Prime Minister of Ukraine” according to the same Maidan members, Yatsenyuk, sold his Ukrainian property, withdrew a stolen billion dollars (to be more precise, there’s over a billion there) and went to live in Miami. He still sometimes appears in Kiev, but mostly for the sale of residual property.

“The best Economy Minister” according to the same Maidan members, Abromavicius, left with looted money to Paris. And drinks coffee there with another escaped “reformatory”, former assistant of the Interior Minister Ekaterina Zguladze.

Another chain dog of Avakov, Khatia Dekanoidze, also hastily called a press conference, and said, “I did everything, goodbye!”, and left with her tail between her legs in the direction of the state border. It is unclear what she did that was so special (besides collapsing the system of criminal investigation), but she runs fast. I measured it.

“The best Finance Minister” according to the same Maidan members, Jaresko, also successfully took off with the loot. Or maybe brainwashed maidan members still believe that she is planting flowers at the dacha near Kiev?

“The best banker of Ukraine” according to the same Maidan members, Gontareva, is resigning. This one has no need to remove the loot – it’s already in accounts in Western banks. It remains only to board a plane in Boryspil, and a little later she is in Provence.

Everyone is fleeing – Georgian “reformer-criminals” and heads of the anti-corruption Bureau, foreign advisors, and American spies.

And those who can’t flee, all this small riff-raff of volunteers, “activists”, and presstitutes do their best to accurately and quickly change their shoes on the run, stating that “Maidan lost”, “everything was in vain”, and “we were deceived”. Although it is not them who were deceived, they deceived themselves and deceived others for the last three years (more often than not for profit). However they were warned that nothing good could be received from a state coup arranged by the US and supported by Banderist Nazis.

Also, Saakashvili also can’t flee. Because he lost his Georgian citizenship (while only prison awaits him in Georgia), a United States visa was not given to him, and he has nowhere to run – ambitious narcotic-addicted tie-eater, “a consultant on the loss of territories” isn’t needed anywhere. If Poroshenko deprives him of Ukrainian citizenship (and it’s easy), Mishiko will be stateless, homeless, and rootless. And there will be no pity for him.

As for the rest, flee or not flee – the result will be the same. We have, like in that joke, a boy with a phenomenal memory (and not only one). He will find everyone and…

These runners are strange. They have no bases in the Antarctica or on the Moon, while in all other places our ICBM’s can easily reach them. But let them run, it’s always more interesting to catch them.

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