Maksim Mogilnitsky: Admirers of Nazism in Ukraine Behave like Crazy Exhibitionists in a City Park

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Maksim Mogilnitsky

Four years ago, if someone was told that people will start to be openly proud of their grandfather’s service in the troops of the SS, they wouldn’t believe it. Well they should. Admirers of Nazism in Ukraine behave like crazy exhibitionists in a city park.

“On the 8th and 9th of May with portraits of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers from the ‘Galicia’ division we must convince vatniks that their regiment isn’t so immortal,” said the “Bratstvo” party leader Dmitry Korchinsky on his blog.

And civil war in his publication is more than the roar of artillery volleys. So according to him it means here are “correct” Ukrainians, here are “wrong” ones.

If you want to become “correct”, then refuse the great feat of your grandfathers who won the most terrible war in all the history of mankind, saving the world from the “brown plague”.

And if you don’t want to do this, then here is a provocation for you. Mr Korchinsky doesn’t at all even hide that it is about provocation, and not about the memory of grandfathers from the SS. More blood and street violence! After all, our society is still insufficiently divided, right?

Korchinsky is not some sofa marginal. This is a public person who has resources and an audience. After all, he is regularly invited on to television and given the chance to flirt with citizens who can be easily influenced.

At first, under the guise of a talk about friendship and forgiveness, we were convinced that marches in honor of SS members are quite admissible. Now they try to convince us that we don’t need other marches. I.e., you should be proud of participation in a horrific crime, and not at all in a great feat. What will they start to convinced us of tomorrow?

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The attempt to convince Ukrainians that we are a nation of hopeless losers jumps into the eye. After all, everyone humiliated and oppressed us, and we have failed everywhere.

We are proposed to consider heroes as victims, and bastards and losers as heroes. Following their logic, we have simply nothing and nobody to be proud of. A blatant and destructive lie.

Korchinsky is still a little bit ashamed to say the SS “Galicia” division’s name. I.e., he still wants to seem not “brown”, but “greenish-brown”. But the stench coming from his initiatives is already suitable.

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