Manbij – Liberated or Occupied by the US… Again?

By Ollie Richardson

News about the liberation of Manbij started to circulate on the 12th of August, 2016, in both western and eastern media. This news, however, is not what it seems, as the Syrian Army nor the Russian Air Force has been operating in Manbij. According to Reuters:

“U.S.-backed forces battling Islamic State near the Turkish border in northern Syria said on Friday they had launched a final assault to flush the remaining jihadists out of the city of Manbij.

The Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), with air support from a U.S.-led coalition, said last week they had taken almost complete control of Manbij, where a small number of IS fighters had been holed up.”

Photos also began to circulate showing women smoking and men shaving their beards:


While it is nice to see Daesh and their ideology removed, some photographs are a cause for concern:


As is widely known by now, the Kurdish forces, along with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), are being used as a US trojan horse with the aim of partitioning Syria. The US has built 2 bases in North Syria, and regularly conducted air strikes on Manbij – with the results of one in particular being disgusting to say the least. Why are the Kurds in a non-Kurdish town? And why do they collaborate with ISIS’ weapons supplier (FSA)? It is also widely known that the YPG do not like Assad, and this tweet below from a diehard Rojava account highlights how alarming Kurdish presence is when US weapons caches are being found there.

So the question is – was Manjib liberated? Or was it occupied by the US, again? 

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